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Start Documenting Your Day! Why Now?

By Samuel Vanga, 2011/11/30

I read a post about documenting your day by Steve Jones, here is where culture insists i write a few words about the person i refer to. But you don’t expect that for Steve. Do you? :(

In this short post, I’ll present my view on why you should document your day and why now is the right time.Document your day

For most of us the job we do is more than just a pay check. It’s fun. It’s a sense of achievement. And documenting your accomplishments will only help you get better at what you do.

We all make new resolutions every year. Personal experience tells me that most of them are never visited. Documenting your every day is very hard and can be one of those that will stay in the parking lot for ever.

There are only a couple of weeks left in this year. So if you start now, you can find out if you can enjoy doing this and if this can help improve your productivity. And once you figure this out there is no going back.

Happy documenting!


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