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Salvo(z) SQL

Adam and Jennifer Salvo are IT professionals with over 10 years of diverse experience. Jennifer is a Business Intelligence developer focusing on the Microsoft BI stack (SSIS, SSAS and SSRS). Her prior work experience includes software development, systems analysis, end-user support, training, and SharePoint administration. Adam is a .NET technical lead with a current emphasis on Dev Ops and Windows Azure. His prior work experience includes .NET development, SQL Server administration, and BizTalk development. They also maintain a personal blog at salvoz.com.

Adding PerformancePoint Dashboard Content to SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 provides several options for creating Dashboards using PerformancePoint content. 

The first option is to implement the dashboard in PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer.  In PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer, you create components such as Filters, Analytics Charts, Analytics Grids, Scorecards and KPIs.  Once you’ve built the individual components, you can… Read more

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Posted in Salvo(z) SQL on 11 February 2013

SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular KPIs

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post that discusses implementing KPIs in SQL Server Analysis Services Multidimensional.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the KPI functionality in the Multidimensional model, the blog post can be found here.  I’m now going to discuss the KPI functionality… Read more

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Posted in Salvo(z) SQL on 4 February 2013

Currency Conversion in Tabular Model Using DAX

Roughly a year ago, I implemented currency conversion logic in multidimensional cubes using measure expressions (as well as using the Leaves function in MDX).  I documented the implementation in a few blog posts:

I have now also implemented currency… Read more

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Posted in Salvo(z) SQL on 28 January 2013

Re-writing MDX calculated members as DAX measures

I have been working on re-creating some logic in a tabular cube that was originally implemented in multidimensional.  This involved creating some DAX measures that return the same results as the MDX calculated member counterparts in the multidimensional cube.  I thought that some individuals who are familiar with MDX in… Read more

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Posted in Salvo(z) SQL on 21 January 2013

SQL Server Analysis Services KPIs

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are measurements used to gauge business performance against quantifiable goals.  SQL Server Analysis Services provides functionality to define KPI calculations and associate KPIs to measure groups in a multidimensional cube.

SQL Server Analysis Services KPIs consist of the following properties:

  • Value Expression: An MDX expression that…

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Posted in Salvo(z) SQL on 14 January 2013

Querying and Optimizing DAX

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been watching some videos from this year’s PASS Summit.  One of the presentations I watched is ‘Querying and Optimizing DAX’ (BIA-321-S) by Alberto Ferrari.  I took some notes during this presentation and am sharing them here.

DAX as a Query Language

  • DAX queries can…

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Posted in Salvo(z) SQL on 2 January 2013

Optimizing Your BI Semantic Model for Performance and Scale

Here’s my notes from the ‘Optimizing Your BI Semantic Model for Performance and Scale (BIA-402-M)’ session at PASS Summit, presented by Akshai Mirchandani and Allan Folting of Microsoft.

Tabular Design Principles

  • Speed and performance
  • Optimize query performance over processing performance, focus on end-user experience.
  • Accommodate changes without forcing reload, if…

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Posted in Salvo(z) SQL on 11 December 2012

SSIS: Character Replacement Using the Script Component

When cleansing data from source systems to store in a data mart or warehouse, we often need to remove or replace characters.  I recently used the Script Component in SSIS to cleanse some ticket tracking data and thought I’d write a blog post that outlines the implementation.

The data from… Read more

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Posted in Salvo(z) SQL on 8 December 2012

T-SQL Tuesday: What Does the SQL Community Mean to You?

Today is T-SQL Tuesday #36, hosted by Chris Yates (B | T).  The topic this month is ‘What Does the SQL Community Mean to You?’  I’m fortunate to live in an area with a SQL PASS chapter (MadPASS) and have attended many chapter meetings as… Read more

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Posted in Salvo(z) SQL on 13 November 2012

Book Review: SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services The BISM Tabular Model

I will start off by saying, whenever I see the names Marco Russo, Alberto Ferrari and Chris Webb on a SQL Server Analysis Services book….I know it will good.  This book is no exception!  I can say with 100% honesty that this is one of the best technical books I’ve… Read more

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Posted in Salvo(z) SQL on 12 November 2012

DAX IsFiltered Function

The DAX IsFiltered function returns True when <columnName> is filtered directly and false if there is no direct filter on the column.  The syntax is IsFiltered(<columnName>).  More details regarding this function can be found on MSDN.

I recently used the IsFiltered function to create a measure that is only… Read more

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Posted in Salvo(z) SQL on 11 October 2012

SQL Azure–Failed to Update because the database is read-only

An error message for one of our many SQL Azure databases was brought to my attention today.

Msg 40628, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
Failed to update database ‘UAT_US_SS02′ because the database is read-only. Please contact your Azure service owner. There may be billing related issues with your Azure…

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Posted in Salvo(z) SQL on 5 October 2012

SQL Saturday #149 Minneapolis 2012

This past weekend I attended SQL Saturday #149 in Minneapolis with my husband Adam, my brother Chris and another member of our local PASS chapter.  Adam has his pilot’s license so we flew to Minneapolis the morning of the event.  It was a beautiful and warm fall day – perfect… Read more

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Posted in Salvo(z) SQL on 3 October 2012

T-SQL Tuesday – Help! I Need Somebody

By Jennifer Salvo

Today is T-SQL Tuesday #34 hosted by Rob Volk (B, T). This month’s topic is ‘Help! I Need Somebody’ inspired by The Beatles.   The challenge is to write about a person, community or resource that helped you when you were stuck on a SQL… Read more

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Posted in Salvo(z) SQL on 11 September 2012

Azure Virtual Machine TempDb Placement

The recommended location for the tempDb on an Azure virtual machine, is the non-persisted D: drive. This drive is actually a hard drive connected to the underlying physical hardware, so it should offer better performance then the persisted data and OS disks. The persisted disks are located on Azure Blob… Read more

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Posted in Salvo(z) SQL on 6 September 2012

Personal Goals

With fall quickly approaching, I thought this would be an ideal time to set some personal goals for the upcoming year.  I hope to generate momentum in fall and winter and get a good start on this list:


  • Write three blog posts per month
  • Participate in TSQLTuesday and Meme15…

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Posted in Salvo(z) SQL on 1 September 2012

Book Review: Troubleshooting SQL Server A Guide for the Accidental DBA

Over the past few years, Adam and I have won several books at the local MadPASS chapter meetings.  I’ve intended to write a book review for quite awhile and thought I’d start off with this book for several reasons:

  • It can easily be read from cover-to-cover.  This book is organized…

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Posted in Salvo(z) SQL on 24 August 2012

Meme15: Top 5 Reasons I Like My Job

This month’s Meme15 topic is ‘Top 5 Reasons I Like My Job’.  A little over a year ago, I started working as a Business Intelligence developer at Trek Bikes.  Working at Trek has been a great experience and I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity, so I thought I’d… Read more

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Posted in Salvo(z) SQL on 16 August 2012

T-SQL Tuesday: Trick Shots (Currency Conversion in SSAS)

Today is T-SQL Tuesday #33 hosted by Mike Fal.  The topic is SQL Server – Trick Shots.  This assignment involves blogging about a cool process or trick you implemented that is related to SQL Server and the lessons or insight gained from the experience.   As a BI developer, I… Read more

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Posted in Salvo(z) SQL on 14 August 2012

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