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SQL Database Administrator/Developer. Background in developing OLTP/document based databases, SQLXML and performance tuning with an unhealthy fascination for the SQL query optimiser!

Archives: February 2012

Trello: An agile style kan-ban web app that really works

I am no different to many others where I am being asked to work on various projects concurrently and expected to work through a long list of technical debt that needs addressing with our SQL databases. Throw in the usual day to day production issues as well and you get… Read more

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Posted in SQL Server Rocks! on 27 February 2012

Blogging: Controlling SPAM in Orchard CMS with OpenCaptcha

When I started blogging last year, my first major decision was either to host my own site somewhere using a CMS type system or use an online blogging service like blogger for example. Ultimately, because I wanted to have quite fine grained control over my blogs and also the space… Read more

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Posted in SQL Server Rocks! on 16 February 2012


SQLBits9 – “Query across the Mersey” was held in the majestic Adelphi hotel. This was my first SQLBits experience and was fortunate enough to be able to attend all three days. I was not disappointed! Walking through the main door and up the stairs into the main conference hall, I… Read more

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Posted in SQL Server Rocks! on 7 February 2012


Is all set to be officially known as SQL 2012 and will be finally released in....... 2012!

Announced at the PASS Summit 2011, it is due to be released to manufactoring in the first half of next year.

The other major announcement from PASS was Microsoft actively supporting the Hadoop… Read more

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Posted in SQL Server Rocks! on 7 February 2012

Simple XML exist performance enhancement

I came across this really simple best practice from BOL for the xml method exist which when used will give you a much cleaner and faster query plan. If like me you commonly use the name of an element or attribute as part of an XQuery predicate, then you would… Read more

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Posted in SQL Server Rocks! on 7 February 2012

Convert comma separated string to table and vice versa

I know that this subject has been blogged about numerous times but I thought I'd post an alternative way of shredding a comma separated string to a table that I come up with today, albeit with help from the very clever Itzik Ban-Gan cross join nested CTE that many of… Read more

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Posted in SQL Server Rocks! on 7 February 2012

Introduction to XML DML (Part 3) - Using the modify() method: delete

This is the last part of a 3 part blog which will attempt to show some different ways of how you can use the xml modify() method to update the contents of an XML document. This part, starting at the absolute basics, will cover the ability to delete data in… Read more

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Posted in SQL Server Rocks! on 2 February 2012