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Day 8 of 31 Days of Disaster Recovery (T-SQL Tuesday #38): Resolutions for All DBAs

T-SQL Tuesday #38

T-SQL Tuesday #38

This post is not only day 7 of my 31 Days of Disaster Recovery series, it is also participating in T-SQL Tuesday #38 hosted this month by Jason Brimhall (blog|@sqlrnnr). The theme for this month’s T-SQL Tuesday is resolutions or resolving or just being resolute. For my part in this monthly blogfest, I am going to list some disaster recovery resolutions that I think every DBA should make.

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Disaster Recovery Resolutions

  • Ensure that every database is being backed up.
  • Prioritize backups. Investigate backup failures as a top priority.
  • Verify that all of your databases are using the checksum page verification option.
    Select name, page_verify_option_desc
    From sys.databases;
  • Use the WITH CHECKSUM option for all database backups and restores
  • Test your backups. Preferably, automate restoring them to a different server.
  • Test your recovery plan. Anyone who might need to implement should test regularly with different scenarios.
  • Create alerts and send notifications for the following errors:
    • 823 – Error reading page at the OS level.
    • 824 – Error reading page at the SQL Server level.
    • 825 – Error reading page but was successful on retry.
    • 829 – Page has been marked as restore pending.
    • Blog post to follow explaining why.


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