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SQL Saturday #43 in the Books

By Robert Davis, 2010/06/12

SQL Saturday #43 in the Books


Another great SQL Saturday is in the books!! I had submitted 2 sessions, but there were so many submissions, most people were only selected for 1. I repeated my session on SQL Profiler/Trace that I did last year. This year I added a demo that normally completes in less than 1 second and when I fired up SQL Profiler, it took 2 minutes 46 seconds. When running the exact same trace definition as a server-side trace, it took 4 seconds to complete.

As promised in my presentations, I have uploaded my materials and am sharing them here through my blog.

Session 1:

Using SQL Trace/Profiler Effectively
This session covered how to use SQL Trace/SQL Profiler effectively. Topics included converting trace templates into T-SQL scripts, running server side traces (and why you should do so), reading trace files via T-SQL.

Demos included creating a trace template in SQL Profiler, converting it into a SQL script, and running a server-side trace via the SQL script. A demo was presented of  

Also covered was how to set up a SQL job that detects high CPU utilization and starts and stops a custom SQL trace when CPU utilization crosses a predefined threshold.

The files from this sessions can be downloaded here.

Session 2:

Adventures in Master Certification
The Microsoft Certified Master program for SQL Server is a 3 week program of in-depth training by the foremost experts in the field and certification. Come find out what the MCM:SQL is all about. I went through the March rotation of the MCM program. Get my take on what the program was like. Was it easy or hard? Was it intense or laid back? Was it worth the effort and expense?


More importantly, did I pass?

The files from this sessions can be downloaded here.


And a special thanks to everyone who provided prizes for the events. I gave away 5 books and a SQL Server Central polo shirt.


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