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Are you a DBA? You might Be!

By Robert Davis, 2010/05/29

 Are you a DBA? You might Be!

On Twitter, people do a lot more than gossip and post messages about mundane, trivial tasks. As DBA’s, we help people having problems (#sqlhelp), we have in-depth discussions, we promote upcoming events (#sqlpass, #sqlsat43, #sqlcruise, etc.), we share our collective knowledge (#tsql2sday), and we learn from other experts (@PaulRandal, @KimberlyLTripp, @SQLCat, @AdamMachanic, @BuckWoody, @Brento, etc.). We also have some fun. The fun stuff is liable to break out at any time (especially if @PaulRandal is bored), but Friday seems to be the day when it happens most often. Friday fun generally involves a unique hash tag to make following the replies that pour in easier. The hash tag this past Friday was #youmightbeaDBA.


The posts were written in the same vain as comedian Jeff Foxworthy’s “you might be a redneck” jokes. Hilarity ensued!! So if these apply to you, you might be a DBA too!!


@BuckWoody posted many of the entries on his blog at I won’t repeat the other entries, but I’ll list all of my entries below. And for reference, you can find me on Twitter as well: @SQLSoldier.



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