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Database Mirroring FAQ: Is Mirroring Supported by MS Access front-end?

By Robert Davis, 2010/05/07

Question: Is Mirroring Supported by MS Access front-end?

The following question was posted on a SQL Server discussion group. My reply follows.


Is the MS SQL Mirroring supported by MS Access Frontend (.adp) ?


We have MS SQL Server 2008 Developer Edition.
The Mirroring is configured and works fine for .Net Applications.
See for example for using Mirroring in ADO.NET

But we have also MS Access Frontend Applications. How to use the mirroring in this case?

Where the second copy of the database must be configured?


My answer:


In order to specify the mirroring partner, you have to use the SQL Server Native Client 10.0 client for the DSN and specify the database name for the connection. The generic SQL Server DSN interface doesn’t support it.

New Data Source

Specify Failover Partner

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