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A Few Updates on the MCM: Plaques, Visitors, New Class, and New MCM’s

By Robert Davis, 2010/05/01

 A Few Updates on the MCM: Plaques, Visitors, New Class, and New MCM’s

I just want to pass along a few updates on the SQL Server 2008 MCM. A new MCM class is starting up next week, and I'll be paying them a visit. Two more candidates from rotation 8 have become MCM's. And I received my Certified Master plaque today.


A New Class and a Visitor


First off, I want to wish good luck to all of the candidates in rotation #9 of the SQL Server 2008 Certified Masters program. The new rotation starts on Monday, May 3rd. I’m looking forward to seeing how they do and welcoming some new Masters into the MCM community. I was asked by Joe Sack, who will be running this rotation, to drop by and say a few words to the group. I’ll be dropping in on Tuesday, May 4th, at about 3 PM.


New Members


As announced earlier this week on Twitter, 2 more candidates from rotation 8 have attained their Master certification. We knew they would have little trouble with their retakes, and we’re fortunate to have them join the MCM community. We even got one of them to sign up on Twitter. I created a list on Twitter for following the rotation 8 candidates that attended the MCM with me. Check out to see the other rotation 8 candidates on Twitter.


A Plaque


When you pass the MCM, you get more than just an electronic document that you can print out. They send you a plaque. I received mine today. A poor quality photo taken with my cell phone is below.

MCM Plaque

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