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Twas the Night Before the MCM ...

By Robert Davis, 2010/03/14

T'was the Night Before the MCM ...

SQL Server MCM starts tomorrow. My wife thinks it's cute that I'm excited. The location is a place that I know well. It's in building 40, and I used to work in building 22 which is right down the hill. Meeting space is hard to come by in bldg. 22, and we often hike up the hill to bldgs. 40 and 41 to have meetings there.

I was expecting to be more nervous about this program, but I find myself oddly at ease. Perhaps it is because I've taken classes by field experts like Paul Randal, Kimberly Tripp, and Bob Beauchemin on campus before. Maybe its because the location is so familiar. Maybe its because I've had many conversations about the MCM with Joe Sack (blog) and Jimmy May (blog | twitter). Or more likely, it's just a defense mechanism shielding me from knowing just how nervous I really am.

Whatever the case may be, all of the nervousness will probably hit me in the morning. And in response to Brent Ozar's (blog | twitter) post on the MCM, you were close. As it turns out, the mob is actually a money-laundering front for MSFT.

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