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Do I have to snatch the pebble?

Attending the Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) program in March

This is the most excited I've been since I heard that Alice in Chains was putting out a new album... which, by the way, gets my vote for best album of 2009. I received my acceptance letter earlier this week for the MCM program for SQL Server. I'll be going through the March rotation, March 15 to April 3rd. This is an event I've been looking forward to ever since the new certification was announced.

I'm planning to post some blog's about the experience while attending the program if time permits. I don't yet know what the exact schedule will be, but I've heard that it's 10 to 12 hours a day, 6 days a week for 3 weeks. Hmmm, maybe I'll blog about it afterwards.

All of this talking about becoming a master has given me a mental picture of trying to snatch a pebble out of Paul Randal's hand.


Posted by Glenn Berry on 17 February 2010

Congratulations! I am sure you will learn a lot as you go through the program. Good luck!

Posted by Robert Davis on 18 February 2010

Thanks Glenn!! The only reason I waited so long, was I had to find an employer willing to pay for it for me. :)

Posted by Steve Jones on 18 February 2010

Very cool, and congrats. Are you going soon?

I'd love to do it, but 3 weeks is a bit long for me to travel for something like this.

Posted by Gethyn Ellis on 18 February 2010

Robert, congrats. I'm looking forward to reading about your experience.

Posted by Paul Randal on 18 February 2010

Cool - look forward to having you in the class!

Posted by Robert Davis on 18 February 2010

Thanks everyone!! I'm going through the March rotation. I thought I had included that in the post. I'll edit it.

Fortunately, I live in the area, so I don't have to travel. Well, it's like 10 or 15 miles further than I normally drive to work. :)

Posted by Dugi on 18 February 2010

What to say, good luck! Nice & professional challenge!

Posted by Robert Davis on 18 February 2010

Thanks Dugi!!

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