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2011 – The dissection



Blimey, doesn’t seem like a year since I wrote my last end of year review End of year review 2010 and goals for 2011

Things didn’t quite go to plan, mainly because of an unexpected career change this majorly shifted a number of my priorities which meant that some goals were re-prioritised, others were replaced and some simply dropped. With this in mind let’s see how I faired with my Goals for 2011:


Last year I made a commitment to the SQL community by starting my blog and attending a few events, this year I have built and consolidated on that platform and intend to take things on to the next stage next year.

Partial success here. 

One very nice surprise was that I was awarded the Microsoft Community Contributor Award earlier this year so I must have done something right. It’s a great honour to be recognised in this way and I am very thankful to Microsoft for it.

2012 Community Goals


Professional Development

I love SQL Server and try to learn something new each day, to help me achieve this I have set myself the following goals.

Changing jobs really hammered the plans I had for personal development in a number of areas as I found myself studying other areas that I had not expected.

2012 Professional Development Goals

I still have personal goals, but this probably isn’t the right place for them so I shall refrain from posting about that area of my life. This is a SQL blog after all.

Happy New Year,


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