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What Happens In Vegas…


…stays in Vegas, except when it comes to chocolate. After walking more than 1500 miles over the past 9 months, 30 of those in Las Vegas last week, I’ve earned a treat. What’s this have to do with SQL Server? Absolutely nothing…

eiffelThat doesn’t mean it’s not relevant to this blog however. You see, Vegas is full of interesting sights, sounds (and smells) – there’s something for everyone, you can find anything there.

I saw a replica of the Eiffel Tower (cool!)

I dropped by the grand opening of a new Microsoft store and spent some time playing with a Surface Pro 2 (it’s on my Christmas wish list, hint, hint).

I strolled through ancient Rome.

I ate.

drinkI gambled.

I ate some more.

I drank.

I saw a talking tree (unrelated to previous item).

I walked. A lot.

And, I found a store dedicated to M&M’s. I’ve known for some time that you can order personalized M&M’s, but while wandering around in that store last week, an idea struck me. I should have them make me some RealSQLGuy M&M’s! I can’t afford to eat them, but they’ll make a great conversation piece and prizes to give away at a presentation. So, I did it – RealSQLGuy now comes with a hard candy shell and a chocolately center, guaranteed to melt in your mouth, not in your hand. Keep it clean people…

Look for them to make an appearance soon. Local user group meeting, the office, perhaps Tampa?



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