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Querying Microsoft SQL Server

I am a technology enthusiast and software developer by profession. I am developing .Net/database based enterprise applications from past 3 years.

My skills includes C# ,ASP.NET,SQL Server 2008 and MVC . My areas of interests are database development and application software development using Microsoft Technologies.

Archives: October 2013

Interview FAQ on Interface in C#

What is Interface?

 An interface is collection of methods, properties, indexers and events with only signatures. Means In interface Methods, properties, indexers and events do not have their definition. So an Interface allows you to define behavioral characteristics and apply those behaviours to Class that implements this Interface. Example

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Posted in Querying Microsoft SQL Server on 29 October 2013

SQL Server Inetrview FAQ 3

1.       How to find the maximum no of connection allowed in SQL Server?

 Select @@MAX_Connections

2.       How to select top 2 rows without using top?

 It can be achieved by using rowcount. For example
SELECT *fromtblName

3.       What is the purpose of…

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Posted in Querying Microsoft SQL Server on 24 October 2013

Cumulative SUM in SQL Server

Sometimes we need to find sum of first and next row in cumulative way.

Create table and insert data:

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[testsum](
      [name] [varchar](10) NULL,
      [val] [int] NULL,
      [ID] [int] NULL

insert into [testsum] (id,name,val)

Required Output:
ID    name  val   cumSum
1     A     10   …

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Posted in Querying Microsoft SQL Server on 19 October 2013