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How to Split a string by delimited char in SQL Server..............

By UmaShankar Patel, 2013/09/19

However I posted this one in one of my post.
Querying Microsoft SQL Server : Functions in SQL Server: Functions in SQL Server In SQL Server functions are subrotienes that encapsulate a group of T-SQL statements for reuse.SQL Server pro...

Here I separate ,Split function from that post.

CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[fnSplitString] 
    @string NVARCHAR(MAX), 
    @delimiter CHAR(1) 
RETURNS @output TABLE(splitdata NVARCHAR(MAX) 
    DECLARE @start INT, @end INT 
    SELECT @start = 1, @end = CHARINDEX(@delimiter, @string) 
    WHILE @start < LEN(@string) + 1 BEGIN 
        IF @end = 0  
            SET @end = LEN(@string) + 1
        INSERT INTO @output (splitdata)  
        VALUES(SUBSTRING(@string, @start, @end - @start)) 
        SET @start = @end + 1 
        SET @end = CHARINDEX(@delimiter, @string, @start)

Exceute this T-sql statements to create function and use as

select *from dbo.fnSplitString('Querying SQL Server','')


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