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I have total of 11 years of IT experience with Application development, Database Development and Database Administration. I have worked with different version of SQL server from 7.0 to 2008.Started my carrier as VB ,VC++ and database developer in a banking sector for implementing their core banking solution. Currently working as Database Administrator with wide knowledge in performance tuning, high availability solution, troubleshooting and server monitoring. This blog is my humble attempt to share my knowledge and what I learned from my day to day work.

Archives: September 2012

SQL SERVER : How to List All Email Subscription configured in SSRS ?

Often I used to get request from my business managers to get a list of all subscriptions configured in SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Service) along with email distribution list. I did not find any option in report server report manager interface to achieve this. I usually run the below query on…

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Posted in PracticalSQLDba on 27 September 2012

SQL Server: Part 4 : Approaching Database Server Performance Issue

In the last three parts, we have discussed about different queries that can be used to list the current state of the database server. In this post let us discuss about listing execution stats from the plan cache.

The below query will help us to list the CPU intensive queries…

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Posted in PracticalSQLDba on 26 September 2012

SQL Server: Part 3 : Approaching Database Server Performance Issue

In the last post, we have discussed the script to list the sessions which are waiting for resource or currently running. In this post let us see how to list the blocking sessions with required information.  

CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].dba_GetStatementForSpid
   @spid SMALLINT  

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Posted in PracticalSQLDba on 24 September 2012

SQL Server: Part 2 : Approaching Database Server Performance Issues

In the Part 1, we have seen how quickly we can check the runnable task and I/O pending task on an SQL server instance. This  is very light weight script and it will give the result even if the server is under pressure and will give an over all…

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Posted in PracticalSQLDba on 21 September 2012

SQL Server: Part 1 : Approaching Database Server Performance Issues

When you work as DBA, many people will approach you with a complaint like "Application is taking ages to load the data on a page,could you please check something going wrong with database server?" There might be hundred of other reason for slowness of the page.It might be a Problem…

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Posted in PracticalSQLDba on 18 September 2012

How to Connect PerfMon to a Remote Server ?

Till now, we do not have any third party tool to monitor the SQL server, but we have implemented many custom alerts and report to help us in this regards.As our environments are growing,  we have decided to evaluate couple of third party monitoring tools. Yesterday we have installed the Red Gate  SQL…

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Posted in PracticalSQLDba on 17 September 2012

SQL Server: String Pattern Matching

It is common scenario that, we might need to extract the data from the SQL server based on some pattern. For example extract all customers information who has a valid PAN card number (XXXXX0000X). SQL server is not very powerful in pattern matching.We can easily implement simple pattern matching but…

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Posted in PracticalSQLDba on 13 September 2012

SQL Server: Understanding GAM and SGAM Pages

We know that SQL server stores the data in 8 KB pages. An extent is made up of 8 physically contiguous pages.When we create a database, the data files will be logically divided into the pages and extents.Later, when user objects are created, the pages are allocated to them to store…

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Posted in PracticalSQLDba on 12 September 2012

SQL Server : Usage of OVER Clause

Over  clause can be used in association with aggregate function and ranking function. The over clause determine the partitioning and ordering of the records before associating with aggregate or ranking function. Over by clause along with aggregate function can help us to resolve many issues in simpler way. Below is a sample…

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Posted in PracticalSQLDba on 10 September 2012

SQL Server:Output Clause

Couple of days back, one of my colleague came to me asking for help. He is inserting multiple record from a XML to a table which has identity column . He need those newly generated identity values to insert into one more supporting table. This is a very common scenario and…

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Posted in PracticalSQLDba on 9 September 2012