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SQLSaturday #80 - Wheeling, West Virginia!

Next up, on the super SQLSaturday extravaganza, is SQLSaturday #80, in Wheeling, West Virginia!  Wheeling, known as the friendly city, will be hosting us voracious SQL Server eager students, another day of networking, learning, lunching,and laughter.   I fully expect it live up to its name, as friendly faces new and old, will be presenting at SQLSaturday#80.  And, according to the five-day-forecast in Wheeling, the temperature will be at a moderate 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  Might be chance of scattered T-Storms, but not enough to put a damper on such an exciting event!

For you history buffs, Wheeling has some of its own interesting history, and is a great place, according to its local website, Wheeling.gov, to eat, shop, work, live, further your career, raise a family, relax, or just to enjoy life.  {Pause}  Hmm,  sounds totally awesome!  Oh, where was I? 

Yes, SQLSaturday#80 will take place THIS coming Saturday, July 23rd, 2011 at  the West Virginia Northern Community College in downtown Wheeling, WV.

So, why the interest in this particular SQLSaturday event, by this NYC local?  Well, first, I completely consider myself a SQLSaturday evangelist (DO YOU HEAR ME PASS, et al.... :-)  And while, I can't blog about every single one, I have some interest here because of some of the speakers, as well as the fact I have a particular affinity for folks in Wheeling, WV.

This could be totally because, one of my steady SQLCentric clients, calls Wheeling its home, and is a major early adapter of technology!  In fact, the DBA from this company, was kind enough to provide a product testimonial that appeared some time back in SQL Server Magazine.  This article talks about Proactive Alerting Prevent Downtime, using SQLCentric monitoring.

But, I digress.  The schedule looks to be a super assortment of community content on the agenda.  I see SQL High Availability Solutions, Mirroring, Clustering, Powershell, Script Automation, SSIS, BI, TSQL, DMVs, Service Broker, Professional Development and more!

Wheeling is definitely dealing, in community sharing, by SQL Experts, MVPs, and even your everyday DBAs from the field.  We have an interesting fellow, Ed Wilson, who is known as the Microsoft Scripting Guy. He writes the popular Hey Scripting Guy blog for Microsoft, speaks at conferences such as TechEd and TechReady.  He will be brining us best practices for Windows PowerShell for DBAs

William Pearson III, SQL MVP, BI expert, author, and a regular on the SQLSaturday circuit, will give an Overview of PowerPivot, and wax eloquence on Designing and Implementing BI, Like Thomas Edison!  Be sure to catch at least one of his sessions.

Another, musn't miss, is the Awesome Andy Leonard, who needs no intro, but is SQLPeople founder and Chief Servant Officer, SQL MVP and SSIS trainer extraordinaire, will give both a beginner and advanced session on SSIS design and implementation.  I'm sure as always, his talks will inspire! 

Learn to Build a Cluster, with SQL & Cluster expert, Joey Dantoni; Let Service Broker Help Scale Your Application with SQL MVP Allen White, and Become Bilingual, with Oracle for the SQL Server DBA, by SQLSaturday community contributor, SQL Expert and trainer Randy Knight.  Racking up the frequent flier miles, a good question for Randy is how many of the 80 so far SQLSaturdays has he been to? :-)

We will learn about Database Mirroring in the Real World, from SQL DBA, Craig Purnell, and dual tracks on Script Automation and DMVs for DBAs by Paul Hiles, Wait Stats by Bronwyn Altizer, Automate DB Source Control by James Gaines, and Lessons Learned: Starting your career as a DBA by Shannon Lowder.

Finally, last, but definitely not least, two fellas whom I've personally met and communicated with on several occassions.  You usually see them attending SQLSaturdays (they both were in my SQLSaturday presentations), let's give it up for these guys who have decided to take it to the next level, and share their knowledge with the SQL Server Community, Matt Velic, and Abi Chapagai!

Indeed, Matt and Abi will be stepping into the limelight (you know I love hyperbole - don't want to make them nervous :-), and putting on the SQLSaturday Speaker Shirt to bring us some great presentation topics.

Abi, who, is a volunteer for a local user group, and as a professional DBA, specializes in HA/DR, Mirroring, Replication, Log Shipping, and SQL Clustering, will share his notes from the field on these High Availability Solutions in SQL Server.

Matt, who is an aspiring DBA, and serial blogger, has hosted a recent T-SQL Tuesday, and volunteered at local DC SQLSaturdays, will be making his SQLSaturday debut, appropriately titled, Hello World (Schema) - Introduction to T-SQL.  As Matt comes online for this presentation, let's go easy and welcome him to fold!  IMHO, Matt is one exceptional DBA!

I think its great that Abi and Matt, in additon to other new names here, are stepping up and sharing with our community!  I encourage others to do the same.

Here is the official schedule, as well as its official home page for details:  SQLSaturday#80 Event Home

Well, I think that covers everything and everybody, exception for registration and breakfast :-)  All you need to do now, is show up.  Enjoy!

You can follow the event on Twitter, using hashtag #SQLSat80.  And, of course, you can follow me Twitter @PearlKnows



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