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The Ties that Bind Us....Community, People, Exceptional DBAs...

Hi, All.  Just some thoughts on a passing scene.  Didn't expect to blog today.  Many projects in the queue, but stopped and paused anyway to take a moment to reflect on the ties that bind us. 

Keeping my eyes peeled for worthy news stories and events, I've gotten into a ritual to start my day by checking in with LinkedIN, traverse the Twitterverse, and peer into the Blogosphere on

Sometimes, unintentionally, I see the SQL Stars align, and see a pattern emerge of what folks in the community are talking about.  Red Gate just announced The Exceptional DBA of 2011 Awards, which open today for nominations at carries the press release filed under "Career", on the Fourth Annual Exceptional DBA contest, hosted by Red Gate and 

The contest is about one who strives to achieve and takes a few extra steps in their everyday lives and jobs that go above and beyond the typical SQL Server DBA role.  It could be a person who puts extra effort in planning and minimizing risk, ensuring high availability and DR, testing, documenting, saving the company a ton of money. 

Or, it could be like Brent Ozar, SQL MVP, MCM, and SQL Extraordinaire, who realized early on, the key to being exceptional and advance your career, is to take part in the greater SQL Community.  This wasn't always the case, and Brent, who incidentally is one of the four judges in this year's contest, writes about his humble beginnings (in a blog called Rockstars, Normal People and You!). He also encourages DBA's out there to enter, and talks about his career path as well as how you too are exceptional!  Just the fact that you are taking time out to read these articles and blogs, puts you ahead of the ordinary dba.

By Community, I mean, attending local user groups, asking questions, learning, networking, going to SQL Saturdays, blogging, presenting, and finally, giving back.  Don't be afraid to put yourself out there, because, as I wrote about the SQL Community in a guest editorial on, We Are Not Alone.  I'm certain, including myself, many people are finding themselves, and will find themselves, exactly where Brent did some short years ago!  I already encouraged a few community folks to give it a try and enter!  These folks are already exceptional IMHO!  They are out there contributing, participating, blogging, presenting - you know who you are!  I feel they deserve recognition as ordinary SQL People, who have gone above and beyond their everyday SQL Professional lives.  The point here is, you may not even realize it!  One of my personal nominees emailed me back and wrote, "I guess we never feel exceptional when looking at ourselves."  Very true!

Speaking of SQL People, by the way, that is the point and inspiration of Andy Leonard, who launched the SQLPeople events, that seek to inspire and motivate SQL professionals to become involved and talk about innovative ideas around SQL Server technology - another unique twist on the greater SQL Community. Andy has conducted several interviews with many of our SQL Server brethren, and is a virtual catalog collection of SQL Stories that will inspire. I truly look forward to more of these events!

Another author on, recently wrote the How and Why of being a SQL Saturday Volunteer.  I, as a blogger, coordinator, sponsor, presenter/speaker and volunteer of some local SQL Saturdays, totally concur!

Again, these are all facets of our SQL Community.  Another great recent idea that is now in full swing, is The Mentoring Experiment, coordinated by Steve Jones and Andy Warren, which seeks to match SQL Server aspirants with more seasoned mentors to help advance their career goals.

The other judges in the Exceptional DBA contest are, Steve Jones, editor of SQL Server Central, Brad McGehee, SQL Server MVP and author of the book How to be an Exceptional DBA, and Rodney Landrum, author of several SQL Server books and regular contributor to SQL Server magazine and

So, what are you waiting for?  The opportunities are there, the community that BIG, the ideas that inspire.  No excuses!  These are indeed the ties that bind us!

OK, it's getting late. Share ideas, get involved! Be exceptional!

Enter today!  It's like the NY Lotto slogan, "Hey, you never know".


Posted by Jason Brimhall on 25 May 2011

Oh boy, looks like I have some reading to do...

Posted by Robert Pearl on 25 May 2011

LOL!  A lot of links, huh?  Hence, the ties that bind.


Posted by Steve Jones on 25 May 2011

Nice post, and there are opportunities here. I think the past winners have enjoyed the event, and it's even helped a few with their careers.

Posted by Andy Leonard on 26 May 2011

Great post Robert!

  The SQL Server Community rocks, doesn't it?


Posted by Dave Schutz on 1 June 2011

What's next ... a SQL theme song?

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