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Article in SQL Server Magazine on SQL IO Stastics.......

By Robert Pearl, 2010/02/26

Article on I/O tips appearing on

If you've followed my blog, you know I've written on various topics, including I/O stats.  I've expanded and put these tips together, and the editors at SQL Server Magazine were kind enough to carry it.  If you're interested in analyzing and gathering I/O statistics, my article in SQL Server Magazine's March edition has just been published!

I'm always looking for ways to measure SQL Server's performance and present the information in a readable and useful format. Here are some useful tips I've come across for getting and analyzing I/O information:

Use sys.dm_io_virtual_file_stats.
Use SQL Server Performance Monitor to help identify I/O bottlenecks.
Understand the infamous error message.

( All credits are given to those whose tips I've referenced.)

Check out the print edition if you're a subscriber, or log on to .

I hope the information is helpful. Thanks for reading and enjoy!  

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