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On the Fringe

Chim Kalunta is a Database Systems Developer and Independent Consultant working out of the UK. An MCITP: Database Developer and an MCITP: Database Administrator, he can be reached at chimkalunta.com.

Custom Handling Flat File Output of an SSIS Package with the Script Component

I recently had a requirement to remove the last Carriage Return <CR> and Line Feed <LF> characters when outputting a flat file from an SSIS Package.

My initial thoughts were to output the file, pick it up with a Script Task in the Control Flow, opening and manipulating the data. Read more

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Posted in On the Fringe on 2 April 2017

Consuming the Output of an SSIS Package in a Client Application

Typically, making the output of an SSIS Package available to a client application for further processing is achieved by outputting the results to a Table in a Database or, maybe, to a file.

The application would then interrogate any of these sources and retrieve the data it needs.

However, what… Read more

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Posted in On the Fringe on 11 November 2014

Index Scripting with Powershell

I’ve been actively seeking out opportunities to do more stuff with Powershell of late.

I had wanted to script out only the Indexes on Tables in a Database and remembered SQL Server Management Studio doesn’t make this as easy as it could be.

I can’t say that I’ve done my… Read more

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Posted in On the Fringe on 21 March 2014

Doing it with the EzAPI

In my last post, I attempted to write a SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Package programmatically.

I used the API that comes with SSIS to build a Package that sourced data from a flat file and loaded it into a Table in a SQL Server Database.

I also mentioned another… Read more

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Posted in On the Fringe on 9 March 2014

Creating and Executing an SSIS Package Programmatically

One of the nice things about SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is its extensibility.

If you find you have need for a Data Flow Source, Transformation or Destination that doesn’t come stock with SSIS you can roll one of your own. The same goes if you wanted to manage the… Read more

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Posted in On the Fringe on 25 August 2013