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Setting up an Internal Friendly URL

By nycdotnet, 2013/02/27

Note: This solution is not necessarily the best or most efficient solution in all cases.  It is, however, very simple and works with any site - even ones you have no control over.


Internal Web System XYZ must be accessed via an ugly URL such as

Desired End State:

Internal users should be able to type in a friendly URL (such as and get sent directly to the "homepage" of the desired system.  Search result optimization and using deep links with the friendly URL are not required.

One Solution Using IIS 7.5 (should work with earlier versions by hunting for the same options):

Set Common HTTP Response Headers dialog

Please note, though, that this extra step is absolutely not required, though, since the IIS server should be ignoring all site content due to the HTTP Redirect setting.  It could also "get stale" in case the redirection URL is updated in IIS but not in the HTML file which could cause more confusion.


Raw Request to (captured with Fiddler):

Fiddler capture text (Request)

Raw Response from IIS (captured with Fiddler):


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