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New York City .NET

The author of the NYCdotNet blog is a VB.NET and SQL server developer living and working in New York City. The author seeks to promote clean, readable, efficient code in both VB and SQL from design to development, deployment, and application maintenance.

Gmail and are Conspiring to Breakup My Marriage

My wife and I are happily married.  Both of us were surprised the other day when she started getting personals results sent to her GMail account!  She was a bit freaked out that it was some creepy malicious person, but it seems that it was just some end-user carelessness… Read more

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Posted in New York City .NET on 1 December 2014

Setting up WebStorm to debug grunt with TypeScript

It’s possible to use the WebStorm editor to debug grunt tasks if you are using TypeScript and generating .map files.  Assuming that grunt is already launching from the command line, here’s how to step into the debugger:
  • Open your project’s folder in WebStorm.
  • Click Run… Edit Configurations…
  • Add a new…

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Posted in New York City .NET on 28 November 2014

New Add-on for SSMS: T-SQL Flex

Do you ever copy query results out of SQL Server Management Studio, paste them into your text editor, and then perform gold-medal find + replace gymnastics to create T-SQL scripts?

Do you ever need to copy a small amount of data from one SQL server to another, but don’t want… Read more

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Posted in New York City .NET on 8 September 2014

How to Generate a Fiddler SAZ File

Fiddler is a free program that will log HTTP and HTTPS requests on Windows.  These instructions demonstrate how to use Fiddler to create an archive file (.SAZ) of these requests for troubleshooting purposes using the full version of Fiddler.  As an alternative, there is a simplified version of Fiddler available… Read more

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Posted in New York City .NET on 8 July 2014

Getting Started with the VMs on VirtualBox with IIS Express

Microsoft has made pre-packaged Virtual Machine images available for purposes of testing different versions of IE via the web site.  This blog post describes how you can get these VM images loaded into the free VirtualBox software and talking to an IIS Express web site running on your local… Read more

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Posted in New York City .NET on 22 May 2014

From Zero to Pull Request with Git on Windows

I wrote a guide about using Git and GitHub for "Windows people".

This is the guide I wish was available when I got started with Git last year.

The guide takes you through everything you need to know to get started with Git and GitHub, and only requires a Windows… Read more

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Posted in New York City .NET on 16 April 2014

Rounding versus truncating

Be careful when implicitly converting data types in T-SQL.  Directly assigning 1.5 (either as a FLOAT or a NUMERIC) to an INT value in SQL Server may truncate the value to 1 rather than rounding it up as you might expect.  Explicitly calling ROUND( ,0) as part of the assignment… Read more

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Posted in New York City .NET on 15 April 2014

Query to Find "Update" Dependencies on a Table or View (SQL Server 2012)

The built-in dependency finder in SQL Server Management Studio does not provide the ability to distinguish between dependencies that are read-only and dependencies that are read-write.  However, SQL Server 2012 does make this information available via the management views.


The query below will return all of the objects that… Read more

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Posted in New York City .NET on 23 July 2013

How To Make Your DLL Into A NuGet Package for a Private NuGet Feed

This is my reinterpretation of the documentation on, modified to remove the public publishing steps, and to add local publishing steps and a source control reminder.  This guide is intended to help enable the benefits of NuGet for proprietary code such as business-specific DLLs that are not fit… Read more

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Posted in New York City .NET on 5 June 2013

Performing an INSERT from a PowerShell script

This code demonstrates how to do an INSERT into SQL Server from a PowerShell script using an ADO.NET command object with strongly-typed parameters.  This script issues a DIR *.* command and inserts the results to the database.  While this example is not particularly useful, it is hopefully very simple and… Read more

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Posted in New York City .NET on 24 May 2013

Setting up an Internal Friendly URL

Note: This solution is not necessarily the best or most efficient solution in all cases.  It is, however, very simple and works with any site - even ones you have no control over.


Internal Web System XYZ must be accessed via an ugly URL such as

Desired End… Read more

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Posted in New York City .NET on 27 February 2013

Using SkyDrive at Work for Collaboration - A Quick Start Guide

It seems that many of my projects in the past year or so have required sharing files with external business partners.  I've found that SkyDrive has been quite useful for this purpose.  Here's how to get started quickly and securely sharing files.

Setting up SkyDrive sync:

1. If you don't…

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Posted in New York City .NET on 6 February 2013

Using Inline “With” Blocks to Augment a VB.NET Default Constructor

Say you have a simple data transfer class that looks like this:

Public Class Employee
    Public Property Name As String
    Public Property HireDate As Date
    Public Property EmployeeID As Integer
End Class

Normally to load up this class, you might call something like this:

Dim employee As…

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Posted in New York City .NET on 2 February 2013

IIS Express Quickie Command-line

This is a reminder to my future self for how to quickly start IIS Express from the command-line on 64-bit Windows 7 or 8 assuming you already have IIS Express installed using the defaults.

  1. Open admin command line.
  2. cd\Program Files (x86)\IIS Express
  3. iisexpress /path:c:\YourApplicationRootFolder /port:WhateverPortNumber

Note: You can also specify… Read more

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Posted in New York City .NET on 24 November 2012

Surface: Standard Onscreen Keyboard

If you feel that the default on-screen keyboard on the Surface RT isn't sufficient, you can enable what I would say is the "pro" keyboard via the settings.

  • Drag in from the right hand side to show the charms and click Settings.
  • On the bottom of the settings window, click…

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Posted in New York City .NET on 19 November 2012

SQL in the City - New York 2012

I was able to attend the SQL in the City event in New York this past Friday.  I highly recommend that anyone who can spare the time and travel should attend the next SQL in the City day in your area.  I found it to be a very well put-together… Read more

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Posted in New York City .NET on 1 October 2012

PowerShell: Redirecting Console Output and Error Output to a Variable and E-mailing it

I recently had the need to script the execution of a command-line utility and thought it would be a good learning experience to try doing it with PowerShell.  The utility would sometimes output to the STDOUT, but would also send its output to STDERR if there was a problem.  This… Read more

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Posted in New York City .NET on 28 August 2012

Fix: Crystal Reports Shows Red X Across Entire Page When Report Run Inside Visual Studio

I was googling (with Bing AND Google) like crazy for a solution to this, but didn't find one from any of the open resource sites, so I figured I'd blog about my fix for this to help the next poor dev to come along.

I was getting user feedback that… Read more

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Posted in New York City .NET on 14 August 2012

Enabling "Open Project Folder" for project types that don't support it

One annoying thing about SSIS (2008) and some of the other project types in Visual Studio is the lack of an "Open Project Directory..." option on the project right-click menu.  Visual Studio's "Tools" menu can provide a work-around this.
Go to Tools... External Tools... and add a new entry… Read more

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Posted in New York City .NET on 18 July 2012

A Pattern for PIVOT

Use of the PIVOT operator in T-SQL has always been tantalizing yet confounding to me.  It offers the promise of more concise and expressive code compared to a subselect pattern, yet I've always found it difficult to get the code just right so that I could apply it in a… Read more

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Posted in New York City .NET on 8 July 2012

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