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2010 Goals Review

So… this is late.  And I missed my q3 goals review all together.  Oh well, not much I can do to fix that now other than push on and try to do better next time.  For the first two quarters, I was looking pretty good for completing my goals, but at the beginning of July last year I picked up and moved to Raleigh from Florida and changed jobs to my first contractor position.  I’ve always lived in places with friends or that were pre-furnished, so I didn’t own any of my own furniture at the time.  While this made the move out pretty easy, it left me with a lot of work to do ordering new furniture, dishes, cookware, the works.  The timeline was a bit tight all around.  My last day at my previous job was a Wednesday, I moved over the weekend and started at the new job in Raleigh the following Monday.  Things were a bit hectic for a couple months as I got everything in order and I fell completely out of my routine.  So, without further justification and excuses, here’s the rundown:


New Posts on the SSC Forums I didn’t even come close to.  It was an ambitious goal to begin with and falling out of the routine of posting daily killed all hopes of finishing that one.  Next year I’m going to set a goal for a much smaller number just to try to get me back in the habit of posting and then maybe try for some bigger numbers in 2012.  This goal is really important because it fuels my desire to be involved in the community and accomplish so many of my other goals.

Blog posts stopped completely when I moved and this is one of my first posts in months.  I honestly do miss blogging and I’m going to set a fairly aggressive goal to get back into it this next year.

Learning in general was a neglected goal last year.  I’m going to set much the same goals this coming year and see if I can do better this next time around.

Networking I did fairly well on and next year will look very similar, with the exception of fewer user group meetings and possibly only 1 SQL Saturday this next year.


Posted by Steve Jones on 24 January 2011

Not bad, and a mixed set of results. However a substantial change in your career and life during the year. One of the things that I've learned over the last few years of doing this is that a major change really requires new goals. You almost have to scrap the old ones and re-evaluate where you want to go with a big change.

Posted by Jason Brimhall on 24 January 2011

Good to see you back in action.  Hope the new gig is working out well.

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