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Archives: March 2010

DBCC INPUTBUFFER vs fn_get_sql

Someone asked a question in the forums the other day and I realized it would make a pretty decent blog post to explain the differences in functionality between these two and provide some code for working with them.


  • fn_get_sql returns the last *statement* executed, where as DBCC INPUTBUFFER returns…

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Posted in Never Say Never on 28 March 2010


If you read my last post, you may have noticed that my images now include boxes, balloon text and highlighting.  This is due to a friend insisting the he couldn’t live without Snagit for blogging or documentation and that I simply must try it.  I figured I’d sign up… Read more

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Posted in Never Say Never on 21 March 2010

Random Thoughts on Aliasing


Here are many different thoughts/facts/preferences on aliasing.  Most of this applies to column aliasing.  Regardless of whether or not you like aliasing tables, you should still be aliasing columns.  If you do happen to be one of the people who is against table aliasing (some of you may be… Read more

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Posted in Never Say Never on 20 March 2010

Tally Table CTE

Now that I have several posts on what you can do with a Tally table, I figured I'd share my favorite way to create one inline.  I still prefer to have a physical tally table (usually in a Utility database that can be accessed from anywhere and doesn't need to… Read more

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Posted in Never Say Never on 19 March 2010

SCSUG March Meeting Recap

The Monsoon

My trip to the meeting, short as it was, involved some of the worst driving conditions I've ever personally encountered.  It was coming down in sheets and I was doing 40mph on I-95.  Before you roll your eyes about how I'm one of "those guys", note that only… Read more

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Posted in Never Say Never on 12 March 2010

SCSUG (Space Coast SQL Users Group) Meeting Tonight Featuring PFE David Pless

In case you missed David Pless in Orlando on Tuesday, you have another chance to see his presentation tonight (Thursday March 11, 2010 6:30 PM EST) at the SCSUG meeting (Brevard County, Fl).

David will be speaking about how to troubleshoot performance issues on SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server… Read more

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Posted in Never Say Never on 11 March 2010