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Windows LiveSynch

After a while, most people who work with SQL have accumulated quite a few scripts that they use for investigation, troubleshooting, commonly requested ad hoc queries etc.  I've seen people suggest a few different methods for keeping this 'script library' available on several different machines.  Some people recommend saving everything to an online storage repository so that it is available to any machine they log into.  This works, but it's a lot of hassle to me.  Instead of just saving things normally, you have to constantly make sure you copy everything to this online box from every machine you use them on.  This is still a good option if you are constantly on public or random machines, but I find it unwieldy if I just need to synch between my laptops/desktop/work computers.

My favorite method for doing this is using Microsoft LiveSync (or FolderShare).  You install the client on each of the machines you normally need to access your scripts from, tell it which folders you want to sync... and you're done.  Every time you create or modify one of the files in your watch folders from any of the computers, it is automatically updated on all the other computers that are subscribed to that folder.  You can specify multiple different folders (Subfolders off of the main folder are also synched and retain their structure) and choose which machines synchronize each one.  I like tools that just do what I need them to do with zero management, and that's what this one does.  So long as I save everything underneath the synched folder, it is available on all my machines.

The only limitation I've found so far with this tool is that it can't synch individual files.  I wanted to use it to maintain my chrome bookmarks, but haven't figured out how to use it for that.  I have been told that there are other tools that do the same thing for non windows machines, but can’t remember what the names were.  Have a method you think is better than LiveSync?  I'd love to hear about it.


Posted by Brett Flippin on 20 January 2010

Dropbox is great. There's a great community behind it as well providing additional functionality.  The best thing though is the web interface along with the iphone app that gives you access to your files without having to install anything.

It's also multi-platform and runs on linux and macos in addition to windows.

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