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Archives: January 2010


One of the most common mistakes made in T-SQL is thinking that these behave identically.  I've personally opened up a forum topic on it because I didn't know what the difference was.  This post will join a small army of other places on the net devoted to correcting this misunderstanding.… Read more

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Posted in Never Say Never on 28 January 2010

Windows LiveSynch

After a while, most people who work with SQL have accumulated quite a few scripts that they use for investigation, troubleshooting, commonly requested ad hoc queries etc.  I've seen people suggest a few different methods for keeping this 'script library' available on several different machines.  Some people recommend saving everything… Read more

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Posted in Never Say Never on 20 January 2010

Tally Table - String Cleaning

This is something that most people eventually need for reporting purposes.  This function uses a Tally table to 'clean' a string, removing anything you don't specify in the @Rep parameter.  In the case below, I remove everything but letters, numbers, spaces, commas and periods.  This is a slightly modified… Read more

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Posted in Never Say Never on 13 January 2010

2010 Goals

It seems like every blog I read has a list of goals posted for the year.  This seems like a pretty good idea and I thought I'd follow suit.  The following are my professional goals for 2010.  I've noted my current values of some of the things as a public… Read more

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Posted in Never Say Never on 9 January 2010