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Presenting at SQL Saturday 119 Chicago!

By Andy Galbraith, 2012/05/02

First thing in the morning Saturday May 19th:

I will be presenting with my colleague from House of Brick David Klee (@kleegeek/blog) on virtualizing critical applications.  We will have a VMWare focus, but the concepts are appropriate regardless of your virtualization vendor.

The list for SQL Saturday 119 is amazing - so amazing that we didn't even get picked as a primary session - we were a second-round addition.  Am I ashamed of that?  Heck no - look at the list of who is speaking here:

The day will be amazing and the SQL Saturday Chicago crew have been putting in a lot of hard work -  register now before it fills up - hope to see you there!

(Oh - and come to room 3 at 9:15am!)
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