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A Trip Down the Rickety Stairway…

By SQLServerSteve, 2012/12/24

I’ve had to delay my series of self-tutorials on data mining for a few weeks following an antibiotic resistant infection that almost put me in the hospital for the holidays, plus some unexpected performance problems with Analysis Services. I’ve had my next two posts on the Naive Bayes and Linear Regression algorithms almost ready to go for a few days, but will have to put off posting them for at least a couple more days. I guess you could say my adventure into data mining has been interrupted by a couple of cave-ins, but hopefully I’ll be dug out before the holidays are done. It’s been a good learning experience, however, so I’ll be posting on the pitfalls I ran into so that others don’t repeat them. If all goes according to plan, I’ll see you back here by New Year’s for the next installment.

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