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Installing SQL Server 2012 Release Candidate 0

By SQLServerSteve, 2011/12/03

In my last post, I indicated that my plan was to post by Dec. 3 on the topic of data mining in the latest version of SQL Server. Thanks to a couple of hitches during installation, however, I wasn’t able to get through the section in Help or play around with the new version at all; I just managed to get it installed last night and now hope to post on the subject by next Saturday. Until then, I figured I’d post a few quick observations on my experience in installing the Release Candidate for SQL Server 2012, previously code-named Denali.

The problems I listed above weren’t all that serious, to tell you the truth; in fact, I have had a harder time on some routine installs of the complete versions of 2005 and 2008. Another bright spot is that I didn’t have to restart my machine; in fact, I kept SQL Server Management Studio for 2008 R2 open during the whole installation process and used it repeatedly without any interruption. I was already excited about the new version when I heard about FileTable and the windowing functions, but the relatively smooth setup process is another plus. At some point this week I’ll find out if there were any significant additions to data mining and DMX, my favorite areas of SQL Server. Most of the hype in the new version of Analysis Services has surrounded Tabular Mode, which can’t be used with data mining and DMX; during setup, you must make a permenant choice to run your new instance of SSAS in either multidimensional or Tabular Mode. The two features ought to be complementary rather than competetive, since they are designed to solve different sets of problems that don’t overlap completely, but this week I will find out whether or not Microsoft has give the traditional and much more powerful multidimensional mode its fair share of new features.

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