Printed 2017/08/21 03:03AM

How to move the FullText catalog with SQL Server 2005 ?


4 simple steps to move FullText catalog with SQL Server 2005 :-

1. Detach the database which contains the FullText Catalog. While detaching from Management Studio, there is “check box” called “Keep FullText Catalogs”. Make sure that this is selected.

2. Move the catalog files to the location where you want them.

3. Attach the database from Management Studio and SSMS will try to find the FTS catalogs

a. This step will fail and it will prompt you to find the location of FTS catalog. Click “Yes”

b. Choose the FTS Catalog path and Click “OK” (You may have more than 1 catalog file that you need to select one by one)

4. You have done, check database is working fine or not

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