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Mr. Fox SQL

Rolf Tesmer works as an Azure Data Solution Architect (DSA) in Australia for Microsoft. Rolf has an MCSE in Data Management & Analytics, an MCSE in Data Platform and an MCSE in Business Intelligence (BI). Rolf has been working with the SQL data platform since v6.0 (that’s 1994!) and has done just about everything you can around data related platforms, solutions and architectures ever since then and has scoped, designed and delivered 100’s of data solutions in that time. Rolf has had the opportunity to present extensively at Ignite, PASS, TechEd, SQL Saturday, SQL User Groups, MeetUp’s and Seminars, Roadshows, etc and really enjoys sharing and learning new ideas.

Database Backup Options for SQL on Azure IaaS


Recently I had a requirement to collate and briefly compare some of the various methods to perform SQL Server backup for databases deployed onto Azure IaaS machines.  The purpose was to provide a few options to cater for the different types (OLTP, DW, etc) and sizes Read more

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Posted in Mr. Fox SQL on 28 January 2018

Tuning Throughput from Azure Event Hub to Azure Stream Analytics

Recently I had a requirement to load streaming JSON data to provide a data feed for near real-time reporting.  The solution streamed data into an “Ingress” Azure Event Hub, shred the JSON via Azure Stream Analytics and then push subsections of data as micro-batches (1 sec) into… Read more

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Posted in Mr. Fox SQL on 7 November 2017

Microsoft Ignite US 2017 – Major Azure Announcements

Microsoft Ignite is probably the biggest technical event that Microsoft host yearly with many major announcements across the entire solutions portfolio suiteand this year 2017 was certainly no exception to that!

This year it was held in Orlando, FL over 5 days (25 – 29 Sep) and… Read more

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Posted in Mr. Fox SQL on 9 October 2017

Query Azure CosmosDB from a SQL Server Linked Server

Recently I had a requirement to combine data that I already had in SQL Server (2016) with JSON document data already stored in Azure CosmosDB.  Both databases were operational and continuously accepting data so I didn’t want to go to the trouble of doing the delta load thing between… Read more

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Posted in Mr. Fox SQL on 25 September 2017

Streaming Reporting: SQL Change Data Capture (CDC) to Power BI

Extending on my previous post about redirecting SQL CDC changes to Azure Event Hub, I have had a few people ask for details/options to stream SQL data into the Power BI API.

Specifically – they were looking for an easy method to leverage the ADD ROWS functionality of… Read more

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Posted in Mr. Fox SQL on 31 July 2017

Streaming ETL: SQL Change Data Capture (CDC) to Azure Event Hub

I had a recent requirement to capture and stream real-time data changes on several SQL database tables from an on-prem SQL Server to Azure for downstream processing.

Specifically we needed to create a streaming ETL solution that …

  1. Captured intermediate DML operations on tables in an on-prem SQL database
  2. Transmit…

Read more

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Posted in Mr. Fox SQL on 11 July 2017

Making Phone Calls from Azure Event Hub Messages

Recently I did a presentation at our local SQL Server User Group (SSUG) on Managing Streaming Data Pipelines Using Azure Data Services and as such wanted to build a compelling Azure demo that worked with simple streaming data which under certain event conditions would trigger an outbound phone call.

If… Read more

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Posted in Mr. Fox SQL on 30 May 2017

What Exactly is the “Data Platform” Nowadays?

A couple of months ago I was presenting at SQL Saturday Melbourne (582) on Azure Cognitive Services and got chatting with some of the other presenters about our sessions.

I co-presented with Krissy Rumpff from Microsoft Data Platform Team (https://www.linkedin.com/in/krumpff/) – and for those interested our session is… Read more

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Posted in Mr. Fox SQL on 18 April 2017

A Collection of SQL Server Help Scripts

Like probably every SQL DBA, consultant, architect etc etc out there that has ever worked on or used SQL Server they will likely have their own personal collection of SQL Server Help Scripts.

So not unsurprisingly I also have such a collectionand so this is the purpose… Read more

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Posted in Mr. Fox SQL on 13 March 2017

Azure Cognitive Services Text Analytics – An API Calling Application

Just last week we had the fantastic opportunity to present at Microsoft Ignite 2017 in the Gold Coast on Azure Cognitive Services – and we had an absolute blast of a time!

I co-presented with Kristina Rumpff who works at Microsoft in the Data Platform team as a Solution Architect Read more

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Posted in Mr. Fox SQL on 22 February 2017

SQL Saturday 582 Melbourne (11 Feb 2017) and Ignite 2017 (14-17 Feb 2017)

For those not aware there are 2 cool local and national events coming to both Melbourne and Gold Coast

  • SQL Saturday 582 (Sat 11 Feb 2017).  Melbourne.  For those looking for some great free local SQL (and related!) learning, you simply cannot go past a SQL Saturday anywhere in…

Read more

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Posted in Mr. Fox SQL on 17 January 2017

Azure Cognitive Services API’s with SQL Server 2016 CLR

Azure Cognitive Services is relatively new functionality within Azure that exposes some truly amazing APIs that have the ability to do some truly amazing things.

Before I dive into SQL and DLL code to make use of Cognitive Services, lets take a second to understand what I am talking about… Read more

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Posted in Mr. Fox SQL on 12 September 2016

Azure SQL IaaS – TempDB Performance on SSD vs Premium Disk

When it comes to deploying SQL Server onto an Azure IaaS VM, it is sometimes difficult to know the best option to deploy the SQL Server tempdb database for your workload.

In many of the SQL templates on the marketplace it is often deployed to the C:\ by default… Read more

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Posted in Mr. Fox SQL on 26 July 2016

Azure Cortana Intelligence Suite – with Azure Data Catalog

I presented at our local Melbourne SQL Server User Group (SSUG) this week on Azure Cortana Intelligence Suite – and the integration with the Azure Data Catalog.  If you are interested to see the presentation then have a look here – https://mrfoxsql.wordpress.com/presentations/

One of the things which stood out… Read more

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Posted in Mr. Fox SQL on 23 June 2016

Azure DocumentDB – Preparing, Loading and Querying Data


Recently I have been using Azure DocumentDB (aka CosmosDB) to validate several business use cases for a variety of application purposes.

For those SQL DBA’s and others who are new to Azure CosmosDB, its a recent entrant to the NoSQL document database world, and as its… Read more

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Posted in Mr. Fox SQL on 10 May 2016

PASS – A Business Case for Attendance

For those tech professionals who play in the SQL Server and Business Intelligence world (and let me say that’s a huge number!) the PASS Summit provides one of the most fantastic and focused learning and networking experiences available.

I simply cannot think of any other SQL/BI event that… Read more

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Posted in Mr. Fox SQL on 25 April 2016

Compression Performance with Low Key Selectivity

When it comes to enabling data compression in SQL Server I suspect most people don’t do a lot of testing as to the impacts of either enabling compression and its ongoing maintenance.  I assume most are interested in its ongoing performance for queries, and you know that’s damn fair… Read more

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Posted in Mr. Fox SQL on 15 March 2016

SQL Filegroup/File Proportional Fill Algorithm

I had a question at work recently where there was some confusion around how SQL Server allocates data across data files within a filegroup in a user database.  There was a mention that data was not being distributed evenly across files and also that a trace flag was needed… Read more

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Posted in Mr. Fox SQL on 24 February 2016

SQL Saturday Melbourne (#464) – 20 Feb 2016

For those not aware SQL Saturday is coming to Melbourne on Sat 20 Feb 2016.

SQL Saturday is an excellent free learning resource for all things SQL Server – all costs are covered by donations and sponsorships.  Some of the excellent sponsors this year are PASS, RockSolid… Read more

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Posted in Mr. Fox SQL on 18 January 2016

A “Business Intelligence” (BI) Definition

Over the years I have presented many times to various clients describing Business Intelligence (BI) solutions using the Microsoft BI solutions stack.

In all of my sessions, regardless of the specific focus, each time I always start with the same 2 content slides.

  • The first is always the positioning graphic…

Read more

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Posted in Mr. Fox SQL on 11 January 2016

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