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Archives: August 2011


    Converting EBCDIC to ASCII in SSIS 2008 can seem like a daunting task. There is a lot of manual work involved in creating a data flow to move data from an EBCDIC system like AS400 or DB2, to an ASCII system like a SQL database. This can be accomplished,… Read more

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Posted in Mike Davis SQL on 31 August 2011

SSIS For Each Loop over files with Date in Name

A common request I have received over the years is to move or copy files from one directory to another based on the file name.  This can be accomplished in SSIS without using any script task. You can do this with a for each loop, an empty sequence container, a… Read more

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Posted in Mike Davis SQL on 29 August 2011

Using Checksum in SSIS for Delta Loads

The checksum function in SQL is a great way to compare two rows to see if the data matches. The checksum command returns a number that represents the value of the data in the row. When you compare the checksum value of two rows, and the values match, this confirms…

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Posted in Mike Davis SQL on 15 August 2011