Printed 2017/08/24 01:28AM

The first blog post….


Daunting!  By way of introduction, I’m Mat :)   This blog is mostly for myself, to document what I know and maybe highlight what I don’t.  Hopefully it will grow into something more and maybe help other DBAs who encounter the same challenges I do, after all, no one wants to re-invent the wheel constantly!  It’s mostly going to be SQL Server related with maybe the occasional diversion into Hadoop, XNA or daydreams about Aston Martins!

Whatever the topic hopefully you will find it useful, thought provoking or at the very least amusing.  I’ve procrastinated so long over starting to blog but I’ve finally bit the bullet and as a guy I used to work with would say I’ve decided to “Get Involved!!!”

Here’s hoping it doesn’t all explode :D


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