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Attendant’s checklist to a SQL Saturday event

By MarlonRibunal, 2012/09/15

Weeks Before The Event

  1. Check for conflict in Schedule
  2. Plan the Trip
  3. Want to Volunteer for the Event (Y/N)

Few Days Before The Event

  1. Check If Schedule is Finalized
  2. If Volunteer, Check For Assigned Tasks
  3. Check For New Announcements

Night Before The Event

  1. Print and Cut Your Speed Pass
  2. Review Posted Schedule
  3. Print “My Schedule” (Primary & Secondary Schedule)
  4. Check Map/Direction of location (or Set GPS)
  5. Check Parking Information/Map
  6. Check Session Information/Map
  7. If Volunteer, Check Assigned Tasks
  8. Business Cards To Bring
  9. Check Registration Time

On The Day of the Event

  1. Register. Be on time.
  2. If Volunteer, Meet With Organizers
  3. Don’t Miss The Keynote
  4. Attend Selected Sessions
  5. Network/Meet POI’s

Feel free to add items in the comment below. Thanks!

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