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I don’t care and why that is good for my blog

I expressed in my About page that this blog is never meant to be a technical blog. But the pressure of relevancy keeps popping up: I need technical content if I want this blog to survive. Readers want to read technical stuff – something they can apply in their job.

Believe me, I want to deliver technical content regularly. But the more I read technical blogs, the more I realize I have nothing more to offer than what are already being written about in all those other blogs.

I started to worry about being unable to produce technical content regularly. Every time I sit in front of my laptop with the intent of writing a technical post, I end up facing a brick wall.

So, I stopped caring.

Thomas LaRock came out with a great blog post today about engaging readers - a blog post that validates my feeling about the pressure of blogging in this technical blogosphere dominated by giants.

Thomas advises bloggers to “focus on writing that which makes you feel good.” I know what makes me feel good. I am not a good writer – not even close to being one – but I love writing. That is another reason why this blog came to being. And, from now on, I have to keep reminding myself of that.

Thomas (or, am I qualified to call you “Tom”?) added that we, bloggers, should “focus on writing engaging content regardless of the reader”. Do not “write content for others”, he admonishes.

There are hundreds of legitimate technical blogs out there that specifically discuss SQL Server with much technical know-how’s. I want my blog to be on the same league.

My blog at this point is not yet there. I am here to learn. I am here for the bacon.

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