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SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Templates and Styles

Ever wanted to change the default template and style for the Reporting Services Wizard?  Just think how much time this would save of repetitive work inserting images, formatting colors and text.

Well there are two files that maybe of interest to you; StyleTemplates.xml and Report.rdl.  If you are familiar with style sheet concept of web development then the function of the StyleTempletes.xml is basically the same.  StyleTemplates.xml is responsible for the default font color, size, etc... of the report.  This file is used when you are selecting the style on the "Choose the Table Style" window of the report wizard.  You are able to create several different styles within this one file.  This makes it convenient especially if you are a consultant and developing reports for your customers, that use different fonts, colors, etc...

The Report.rdl you can setup headers, footers and any standard controls.  I've setup a report.rdl file that contains my company's standard report header along with report details such as report run date, run by, etc...  One unfortunate downside of this is that you can only have one active default report.rdl file used by the wizard.  So if you have modified the report.rdl file with you a standard configuration, but need to create many reports with a different configuration utilizing the report wizard, it gets a little tricky.  First of all, you need to determine if taking the time to create multiple report.rdl templates is worthwhile.  If so, the only way I know of right now to utilize more than one report.rdl file for the report wizard is to create several of them and manually rename the files when you need a different configuration.

These files are typically located at:

  • Typically located at: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE\PrivateAssemblies\Business Intelligence Wizards\Reports\Styles\en\StyleTemplates.xml

  • Typically located at: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE\PrivateAssemblies\ProjectItems\ReportProject\Report.rdl


Marc Beacom  ...

Marc Beacom

Marc Beacom – MCTS (BI, Dev), Principal Architect and Owner at DawaBI, has over 15 years of technical and business experience. DawaBI focuses on Making Data-Driven Decisions Possible by delivering user friendly and scalable data warehouse and business intelligence solutions. Marc is an active volunteer within the community and currently is co-organizer of the Colorado GiveCamp, served a year as a PASS Regional Mentor and served five years on the leadership board for the Denver and Colorado Springs SQL Server User Groups.


Posted by phil.greenaway on 11 February 2010

On the subject of temnplates and styles is there anyway to adjust the layout of parameters within a report.  Currently parameters (e.g. drop down to allow users to select specific value for a report) are listed in two columns on a report. Is it possible to list parameter in three columns?

Posted by Marc Beacom on 11 February 2010

Hello Phil,

I'm not sure I understand you question.  It is possible to have three or even more parameters on a report.  You can also have fewer than two or none at all.

Not sure this is what you were after so if you can provide a bit more info, that would help.


Posted by r.e.kiser on 19 May 2011

Phil --

To my knowledge, there is no easy way to change the layout of the parameters area at the top of the Report Viewer.  

However, you can hide the parameters area and present report run options via "hotspots" in the report itself, with actions associated with each calling the report with different parameters by passing parameterized URLs.

This doesn't fix the parameters area of the screen, but for small numbers of parameters (with small numbers of available choices) you can avoid the parameters area entirely.


Posted by lucky_walia2003 on 28 December 2011

how can Create certificate templates in reporting ,i want to  create certificate template in report service .

Posted by lcruz.it on 28 August 2013

How can I change the default template location so more developers can use the same templates?

Posted by arcus on 3 March 2016

as the styles files mentioned are saved somewhere in path C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\, they are nice for enhancing the Wizard styles and thus for the creation of any new Reports using Report Wizard for tablix in Data Tools or VS only. But if these styles are limited to Data Tools or VS, however, it is impossible to use them for the Wizard in Report Builder. It seems that the heading of this post should be re-written to something like "SSRS Custom Templates and Styles in Report Wizard using Visual Studio and Data tools" :-)


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