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Four faces of an Employee

By Ramkumar (LivingForSQLServer), 2011/10/31

Whoever starts their career in any domain/technology, initially they will have two faces.

First face of an employee is to take care of his/him family & family related commitments and the second
face of him/her is to fulfill the expectation of the Organization they work.

But third and forth faces of an employee is not about employee’s commitment but his/her passion towards helping others or achieving something great.

Third face is to do something valuable for his/her Organization on top of their manager’s expectation.
Helping other projects to improve their code, sharing reusable codes with other teams and giving training for his/her Organization etc are some examples.

Fourth face of an employee is what he does for community outside the Organization (in most of the cases with no monitory benefit).
Blogging, helping others in forums, giving training for local communities are some of the examples.

This third and fourth face will develop a brand name for an employee.
Brad in ‘How to become an Exceptional DBA’ eBook has mentioned this point.
For example, you will get query tuning opportunity from neighboring team if you can showcase better tuning results. Slowly you will get brand name as performance tuning expert.

Brand name won’t come overnight. It’s a continuous effort.

Note: Whatever you code within Organization is property to Organization and you can’t share with outside the Organization. Be cautious on this.

For me it is really a challenging task to find time for last two faces and this should not be achieved by sacrificing first two faces. Better time management and continous reading will help.

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