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Father of SQL Server?

By Ramkumar (LivingForSQLServer), 2011/09/19

“I love SQL Server. SQL Server has given me good career, salaray and life”
“Be loyal and dedicated with SQL Server. It will  take care of your career growth and salaray”

This is whatt I repeatedly share with all who attend my training sessions and with my few followers.

this product has been the life and breath of hundreds of techies right?

But I didn’t come across this question so far. “Who is the father of SQL Server?”

 I felt more than happy while reading below line in “Gurus guide to SQL Server Architecture and Internals” by Ken Henderson (in Acknowledge part).

I’d like to thank Ron Soukup, also formerly of Microsoft and the original

“father” of SQL Server.

Ron Soukup is the father of SQL Server. He led the SQL Server Development Team at Microsoft for over ten years. Bit more about him is available in

I would like to see his photo and some group photos of SQL Server development team. Don’t know where to find that.

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