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Youngest MCM in the world?

By Ramkumar (LivingForSQLServer), 2011/09/05

As part of my MCM preparation (Have to study aggressively at least for next 2 years) , I have downloaded almost all readiness videos on Technet last week.
Here is the link:

My first choice was ‘Database structure’ video by Paul Randal as this topic is bit familiar to me.
Paul Randal’s presentation was like ‘A RAWALPINDI EXPRESS’. He is very fast from the first slide and I had to pause & rewind the video many times to follow him.

My second pick in 60+ MCM readiness videos was ‘SQLOS’ by Brent Ozar.
He starts the presentation with very simple examples (and if you think rest going to be easy, then you are wrong) but subject gets tougher in every upcoming slide. Again I had to follow the same formula pause & rewind.

having this experience I can say that gaining MCM is easier task than managing my son. I had to protect downloads from him and watch videos when he is sleeping. 
But somehow he managed to listen few second lecture of Brent Ozar.

Here is picture taken while he is listening to ‘SQLOS’ by Brent.


As I promised I could not spend much time in writing article on 'T-Log how to read - Part 1' as I had few Training commitments in my Organization.
Let me try to make it atleast before this month end.

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