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I am Ramkumar, 34 years old Consultant, trainer, blogger and speaker at SQL Server user group in India. I have more than 10 years of experience as a developer and SQL Server DBA. I love reading, teaching and blogging about SQL Server internals and performance tuning. My Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LivingForSqlServer

Archives: February 2011

Why knowledge of internals is required for DBA? here is a valid reason

I got a report from development team that section of BizTalk communicating with SQL Server to update status
is frequently failing as deadlock victim.

As I couldn't see any useful details in errorlog, enabled trace flags 1204,1205, 3605 and -1 and captured
few deadlock cases in errorlog.

but there was… Read more

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Posted in LivingForSqlServer on 24 February 2011

Evaluating Performance of View and Stored procedure

I got a chance to evaluate performance of both views and stored procedure for high level decision making.

As all of Us knows that purpose/scope of views and stored procs are different, I have done this quick POC only to prove execution time of both views and stored procedures are same.

seem still lots of people… Read more

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Posted in LivingForSqlServer on 13 February 2011

Examining PFS, GAM and SGAM pages

Anyone who can interpret data and index pages will surely think about interpreting PFS, GAM and SGAM pages. I am no exception.

I thought of giving a try in a lazy weekend with little experience on examining data and index pages.

Agenda of this exercise is, to create a simple… Read more

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Posted in LivingForSqlServer on 13 February 2011