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Kyle Neier

Kyle has been working with computers professionally since 1995 in both a development and administrative capacity. For over 10 of those years, SQL Server has been the focus of both a professional and personal passion. Kyle has worked in online retail, manufacturing, EMR software, and pharmaceutical industries. Kyle joined PTI in 2011 as a Senior Microsoft Consultant where he continues to chase his passion of automating DBA processes and doing everything humanly possible to prevent the 0200 page. Kyle serves as the Vice-President of the Indianapolis chapter of PASS (www.indypass.org) and served on the committee to bring SQL Saturday to Indianapolis. He shares his passion for SQL Server with others through speaking and mentoring at local and regional events.

SQL Express and the Curse of the Perfmon Counters

On a dark and spooky night in the land of SQL Server make-believe, a young warrior was asked to slay a beast preventing those in the land of SQL Server Express from collecting water from the Well of the Perfmon Counters.

While this warrior was only vaguely familiar with SQL…

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Posted in Kyle Neier on 5 February 2012

Delivering Three PTI SQL 2012 Firestarter Webcasts

I have been given the opportunity to deliver a few webcasts about some of the new features of SQL Server 2012 over the next couple of months for Perpetual Technologies.

You'll get to hear me share the greatness that is SQL Server during the following sessions:

Throwing T-SQL 2012…

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Posted in Kyle Neier on 3 February 2012

Verifying Last Successful CheckDB with Powershell and SMO - sorta

A few years ago, I wrote a script that was published on SQLServerCentral.com about how to verify the last successful CheckDB for all the databases on an instance. This was a tremendous help to me and other DBAs as we could now tell when the integrity was valid on our…

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Posted in Kyle Neier on 3 February 2012

Eliminating Successful Backup messages with Powershell and SMO

As a DBA, I enjoy knowing that the better job I do, the less likely it is that any of my customers know my name. In the same vein, I like my SQL Instances to behave in a similar fashion. I want the instance to remain silent unless I ask…

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Posted in Kyle Neier on 17 January 2012

Safely Restart SQL Agent with Powershell

I recently had to enable tokens in SQL Agent across about 50 instances. Unfortunately, enabling tokens requires a SQL Agent restart.

After weighing the options – look at Job Activity monitor for each instance, verify no running jobs, then restart the SQL Agent service or write a cool new Powershell…

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Posted in Kyle Neier on 5 January 2012

Modifying SQL Server Synonyms – this time with Powershell

So, how do you recover from the Holidays? Hot Cocoa by the fire? Relaxing evening with your spouse watching an easily predictable romantic-comedy? Snuggling up with SMO synonym class documentation?
I chose the SMO documentation. After I wrote the last blog post (http://sqldbamusings.blogspot.com/2011/12/modifying-sql-server-synonyms.html), I was saddened. I did…

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Posted in Kyle Neier on 26 December 2011

Modifying SQL Server Synonyms

One task that often needs to be done when migrating a database to production for the first time is to modify the synonyms to point to whatever database is in production. There is no “alter synonym” command. The only way to change a synonym is to drop and create it.…

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Posted in Kyle Neier on 20 December 2011

Adding Servers to SQL CMS (Central Management Server) using Powershell

One challenge I’ve had recently is getting a list of servers imported in to a CMS (Central Management Server). While this is easy if a CMS already existed, it isn’t so straight forward if this is the first time CMS has been used in an environment.

Enter Powershell and SMO.…

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Posted in Kyle Neier on 13 December 2011

Sp_altermessage “Classic”, much better than “New” sp_altermessage

I was reading through the SQL Server 2005 SP3 release notes yesterday (sadly, it was enjoyable) and clicked through to the Bugs Fixed link. After reading through the KB articles that I felt had direct implications to my current environment, I kept scrolling.

Third fix from the bottom is one… Read more

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Posted in Kyle Neier on 19 December 2008

OLEDB Wait Stats in SQL Server 2005

Over the past several months, I’ve started diving into the world of wait stats on my instances. An ever present phenomenon is that there are always a ton of waits with a wait_type of “OLEDB”. On my production servers, this count is always the highest and generally eclipses the closest…

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Posted in Kyle Neier on 3 December 2008

Workaround Primary Key Violations in SSIS

Before you get much further, please do not use this for every case where you have issues with duplicate rows. In most cases, the issue is in the source query and should be resolved there.

However, if you've encountered issues like I just did, this lazy DBA's approach might prevent…

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Posted in Kyle Neier on 26 November 2008

My first blog post -- starting small

I've been hanging around the SQL PASS Summit this week and came to a realization, I do know something...

I don't know it all, but I don't know nothing, I'm definitely somewhere in between. So, I hope to share these thoughts and hopefully help out people in similar ways as…

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Posted in Kyle Neier on 20 November 2008

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