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Kyle Neier

Kyle has been working with computers professionally since 1995 in both a development and administrative capacity. For over 10 of those years, SQL Server has been the focus of both a professional and personal passion. Kyle has worked in online retail, manufacturing, EMR software, and pharmaceutical industries. Kyle joined PTI in 2011 as a Senior Microsoft Consultant where he continues to chase his passion of automating DBA processes and doing everything humanly possible to prevent the 0200 page. Kyle serves as the Vice-President of the Indianapolis chapter of PASS ( and served on the committee to bring SQL Saturday to Indianapolis. He shares his passion for SQL Server with others through speaking and mentoring at local and regional events.

Archives: April 2012

PowerShell: Using Exponents and Logs to Format Byte Sizes

In a recent Scripting Games event, I had to format some byte values into their most appropriate size according to how many bytes were present. Anyone who hangs around with me long enough will realize I love numbers and the preciseness that they provide. This is one of many reasons…

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Posted in Kyle Neier on 19 April 2012

PowerShell and T-SQL: Implementing UNION, INTERSECT, and EXCEPT

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my experience this year with the Scripting Games. This is the first year I've competed and I decided to participate in the Advanced category just to push myself a little harder. I’ve been using Powershell for quite some time, however, I’ve never had the pleasure of…

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Posted in Kyle Neier on 12 April 2012

T-SQL Tuesday #029 – SQL 2012 and Treating TempDB like it’s really Temporary.

A while back, my young son thought it would be fun to use a CD as a virtual surfboard on our kitchen floor. While he was a very proud boy, all I could think of was how much that CD cost and how unlikely it was that we were going…

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Posted in Kyle Neier on 10 April 2012

Powershell – Validating an IP Address


A task that I have had to do several times over the years is determine if an IP Address string entered from a prompt or imported from a file is indeed valid. Even more, determining if that IP Address is in use once verifying that the IP Address is… Read more

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Posted in Kyle Neier on 3 April 2012