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Koen Verbeeck

Koen Verbeeck is a Microsoft Business Intelligence consultant at element61, helping clients to get insight in their data. Koen has a comprehensive knowledge of the SQL Server BI stack, with a particular love for Integration Services. He's also a speaker at various conferences.

Archives: August 2015

Reblog: Force installation of 64-bit ACE OLE DB provider

Anyone working with SSIS and Excel probably had the following issue: you are creating an SSIS package using an Excel file in BIDS/SSDT – which is a 32-bit application – and when you try to run the package, it crashes. This is easily fixed by setting the project property Run64BitRuntime Read more

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Posted in Koen Verbeeck on 27 August 2015

Reblog: How I prepared myself for the MCSE certification

SQLKover update: this was one of the most popular posts on my old blog. It’s quite old now and SQL 2014 content has been added to some of the exams. Nonetheless, a lot of it is still valid today.

Last week (this is a repost, so not actually last… Read more

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Posted in Koen Verbeeck on 20 August 2015

Nesting Aggregates with Window Functions

Recenty I was writing an article for MSSQLTips where I had to create a treemap (it will be published soon). As sample data, I used the different folders containing the drafts for all the tips I ever wrote. As measures, I have the number of kilobytes and the number of… Read more

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Posted in Koen Verbeeck on 18 August 2015

Reblog: Slow source? Make your data flow buffers smaller!

Whoa whoah. Aren’t you supposed to increase your data flow buffer size in order to speed up your packages? If you have enough memory and you can process more rows at the same time because your buffer is larger, that’s what we want, right? Yes, this is confirmed by the… Read more

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Posted in Koen Verbeeck on 13 August 2015

Scripts and SSDT-BI 2013

Recently I tried to open a script component in SSDT-BI 2013. I was developing for SSIS 2014, so this means using Visual Studio 2013 (I explain in this blog post how I set this up using Visual Studio online). However, I got a message saying there was a compatibility issue… Read more

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Posted in Koen Verbeeck on 11 August 2015

SSIS Catalog – Path to backup file could not be determined

I was creating an SSIS catalog at a new project, but I was greeted with the following error message when I hit OK:

The path to the catalog backup file could not be determined. Integration Services might not be installed on this server, or the user may not have the…

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Posted in Koen Verbeeck on 10 August 2015

SSDT-BI and Visual Studio Online

Recently I had to create a new business intelligence project at a client. However, there was no source control present. Because I like my code checked in somewhere – you never know if your laptop crashes or even get stolen – I decided to try out Visual Studio Online. It’s… Read more

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Posted in Koen Verbeeck on 7 August 2015

Reblog: The OLE DB Source and the Oracle Date Literal

SQLKover update: when of the stranger Oracle issues I encountered over the years. Some time after I published the original blog post, there was a forum question about the same issue. I googled and found my own blog post as the answer.

Recently I was developing an SSIS package in… Read more

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Posted in Koen Verbeeck on 6 August 2015

My favourite books

As I mentioned in the blog post Speaking at SQL Server Days 2015, I’ll be giving a session at the Belgian SQL Server Days. There is a Speaker in the Spotlight section on the site, where a speaker can introduce him/her self by answering a simple survey. One… Read more

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Posted in Koen Verbeeck on 4 August 2015