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A Fond Farewell to Quest Software


The week of the 4th of July is a happy week for Americans.  Most families get out for a parade, a fireworks display, a picnic in the park, a movie where Will Smith puts the beat down on a bunch of aliens, or an afternoon at the pool or lake.  We celebrate the contributions of our service men and women. We honor veterans. We drink a lot of beer.  We reflect on the founding of our nation and the meaning of “Independence Day”.

My own reflections over the Independence Day holiday took me in a new and rather unexpected direction.  After ten-and-a-half immensely rewarding years at Quest Software, I have decided to seek new opportunities.

Today, I wanted to publicly reflect on my time at Quest Software, saving my next blog post for some thoughts about my new endeavors.  I could probably write a short novel about all of the great experiences and learning opportunities I had over the last ten years.  Part of the reason it might make a good novel is because my memory is notoriously weak and my creativity is equally strong.  I might just make up details to fill in the fuzzy recollections.  Just sayin’…  But just to give you a taste, here’s a brief timeline of my ten years at Quest, highlighting some of my favorite experiences:

From that early team, we built a culture of trust with our customers, attempting at every turn to add value to what we built.  And it shows.  Our products have won a multitude of awards and plaudits.  I’ve seen a host of product launches and major new releases. I cannot take nor deserve the credit for these great tools. I was merely a very small part of the team that brought them to life.

I’m so very proud of the full-stack monitoring and alerting in Spotlight, of the unmatched analytics in Foglight Performance Analysis, of the raw value of LiteSpeed.  I’m also very proud of the evolution of Toad, from a small and practical aggregation of utilities, into a full suite for developers, data modelers, and data analysts.  Add in the unique scalability testing features of Benchmark Factory and I can say without any apology that we built the definitive and comprehensive platform of tools for the database professional.

Working deep in technology has always been interesting and exciting. But my favorite part of the job has always been interacting with customers and partners.  It’s an uplifting experience to share the ways in which the Quest tools empower customers to do things they’ve never been able to do before and to make their jobs and their lives better.  Meeting our clients on four continents over the course of thousands of presentations and meetings has been a top highlight of my career.  Whenever I interact with customers, I want the focus to be on mutual learning.  Customers teach me as much as I’ve ever taught them.

As time advanced, though, I gained insight into why some periods at Quest were more enjoyable than others.  The laser-sighted focus of our early, smaller organization was a definitely highlight.  The rhythm of business travel also picked up dramatically in recent years, with a commensurate decline in my overall health and wellbeing.  Clearly, I needed a change.

You might be asking “If it was so good, why are you changing things?”  Well, I’m not leaving because of a negative of some kind.  I can assure you that it is not because I’ve had some kind of personality conflict, disagreement over strategy, or that I’m otherwise unhappy with Quest.  Quite the opposite, I’m leaving because I’ve been offered an new opportunity that is both very exciting and enormously reinvigorating.

To all of you that I’ve already mentioned mentioned by name, and to the multitude more whose name I wasn’t able to record above, I owe a debt of gratitude.  I wish you not goodbye, but the fondest of farewell.

Farewell is also in order because to you, my readers because, well, you’ll still be seeing me in all the old familiar places. So where am I off to? Tune in next Monday for that bit of news.

Until then.  Enjoy!


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