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Want Another Reason to Hate iTunes?

I’m not one to whine.  Really.  I’m totally not a whiner.  However, I’m going to sound like one with this statement…

I fricken HATE iTunes.

There, I said it.  I’m already starting to feel better.

Playing on Elisebeth Barrett Browning and her fantastic poem, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”, I’m going to count some ways that iTunes is filling me with inhuman, Hulk-like rage:

  1. Ridiculously frequent updates. Not the “Update Tuesday” sort of thing we get from Microsoft, but the “I’m going to interrupt you all the time, any time sort of upda…” – hold on, iTunes wants me to update it.
  2. Genius. You’re an idiot.
  3. Shuffle. You don’t.
  4. Home Sharing. If by “sharing”, you mean making it impossible to get music onto other devices without copying and moving it manually, you’re perfect.
  5. Relentless Focus on Making a Buck.  Yeah, I know that Apple is the biggest capitalized company since the Iron Age and that they had a better Q4 in 2011 than the rest of humanity combined.  But couldn’t you give it a rest for plain ol’ music, especially if you’re a user who still uses CDs?  It seems like they’d monetize punctuation marks if they had the opportunity, for Pete’s sake!
  6. Duplicate Songs in Library. Take a few minutes and Google on ‘Remove duplicates from iTunes library’. (See it on Let Me Google That for You). People are about to grab torches and pitchforks on this one. WHY ISN’T THIS BUILT IN?!?  WHY DOESN’T THE TOOL HANDLE THIS?!!!?  Someone please make an app for this!
  7. Duplicate Songs on Disk. So my last disk backup took a lot longer than usual.  Hmmm, I wonder why? So I looked at my backup info and saw this (image).  Just in case you don’t see what I saw – 70.3 GB of hard disk sucked down for music.  Keep in mind that I actually have only about 6 GB of music files.  So, in the vernacular, W-T-F?!?

I’m now going to spend hours of precious time burning down iTunes and rebuilding my library.  And I must’ve already done this two or three times in the past few years already.  Look, Apple, I don’t fricken need this.  I need troublefree music that doesn’t require an IT certificate to manage.  Didn’t Apple used to be the company where everything was slap-your-mammy easy?  Well, it ain’t so now.  And it’s pissin’ me off.

I’m sure that there are other things about this product that makes your blood boil.  Lay it on me!  I want to hear your rant!



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