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SQLServerPedia Has a New Editor-in-Chief. Oh no, it’s Me!

Attrition has taken its toll once again as a few good friends  move from being colleagues to being former colleagues.

As a result of the folks moving on to bigger and better things, I’m now stepping up in to the roll of editor-in-chief of SQLServerPedia.  This roll is mostly about checking on the quality of content produced by our syndicating bloggers to make sure that they’re not trying to sell products or services and that their posts are of high quality.  That’s about where the official duties end, save for things like acting as a judge in big SSP contests.

One new aspect that I want to bring to the roll is that of a newsletter.  At first, it seemed like it be great to simply point out our most popular blog posts once per month or per fortnight.  Our most popular blog posts are quite easy to track through our off-the-shelf analytic tools, after all.  However, I want to bring more to it than just a recap.

Here are some ideas I was considering and for which I’d like your feedback:

  1. I’d like to highlight a blogger in a brief interview in each newsletter.  Would you be interested in reading it?
  2. I’d like to riff on the database industry, in general, and SQL Server, specifically, depending on my mood at the time.
  3. Get some help from you, dear reader, on a variety of crowd-sourced and community driven content much like we’ve done with the useful (and exhaustive) list of SQL Server Twitterers found HERE.
  4. Spend more time doing either podcasts (no video) or videocasts.  Would you use either?  Do you have a preference?

Of course, I’ll continue to do all of my usual blogging including my Tool Time tips for SQL Server Magazine, professional development advice in the Plays Well With Others column, and thoughts on the database industry, virtualization, cloud computing, and pretty much anything else I feel like blabbing about.

Thanks for the opportunity to serve.  I look forward to your feedback!

Best regards,


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Posted by bounceaball on 4 April 2011

1. I like to know thought process or motivation behind that particular blog that the author has written to be published in newsletter.

2. We are usually bombarded with this type of information. Idea is to keep it simple yet useful. Instead add tip, shortcut or work around of SQL DBA or Developers.

3. No comment. I did not get it.

4. I am interested in podcast. Specially sql server Hardware related. We, DBAs are generally pretty good in finding information about Denali or missing indexes etc but we lack knowledge of new technologies like SSD and cloud in relation SQL server development and administration. Focusing in this area will be beneficial.



Posted by Jason Brimhall on 5 April 2011

Of the list of items shown, I would be most interested in the first.  I think it would be interesting to see more info on some of the bloggers out there.

Posted by Kevin Kline on 26 April 2011

Great comments, guys.  Very useful!

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