Printed 2017/07/24 03:27AM

Come Aboard. We’re Expecting You


Those of us over a certain age (read – old as dirt) can remember the theme songs to certain TV shows better than we can the National Anthem. Try these lines out and see if you don’t immediately remember the tune that goes along with them:

So when I got the news that my employer, Quest Software, wanted to send one of the team to an upcoming SQLCruise put on by Brent Ozar (blogtwitter) and Tim Ford (Blog/Twitter), another nostagic TV show song popped into my head -

I’m really excited about this trip and for a lot of reasons.  First, I’m not going to lie – I’ve never been on a cruise.  So this factor alone is pretty awesome.  Second, Brent and Tim are two of my favorite human beings. I’m looking forward to the chance to see them.  Third, SQLCruise is also about community and I’m looking forward to making some new friends. I’ll also be an hand to provide as much free training and demonstration on any of the goodies we’re giving away to the attendees. 

Finally, I’m looking forward to learning.  Brent and Tim know their stuff.  So, getting a chance to actually attend training under such skilled teachers is a treat I didn’t expect!

Captain Stubing, At Your Service

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