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I'm A Candidate For The 2014 PASS Nomination Committee

The 2014 PASS election cycle begins today when voting opens for the Nomination Committee (NomCom) and I'm one of eleven candidates running for three seats on the committee.

Why am I running for the NomCom?
  • It's a chance to use my time and experience to do something good for PASS.
  • This year's NomCom will have the chance to review the election process and recommend changes. I was vocal about this after last year's election and I'm putting my money where my mouth is - I'd like to help improve the process.
  • It's a change for me personally to do something new while doing something to help PASS.
Why am I qualified?

I have been involved with PASS since 2007 at all levels: speaker, chapter leader, regional mentor, SQLSaturday organizer, and I served as a member of the Board in 2012. I have also run for the Board of Directors twice so I have a good understanding of how the NomCom works. My familiarity with PASS from the grassroots all the way up to HQ gives me invaluable experience to draw on when evaluating the candidates running for the Board. I was also called on as an advisor for the original Election Review Committee a few years ago; that means I know how we've gotten to where we are today and can use that to make recommendations for improving future elections.

What can you expect if I'm elected?
  • I'll ask difficult - but relevant - questions. In past NomCom interviews I expected tough questions about strategy, vision for PASS, etc. and being surprised that they weren't asked. I appreciate that Board members are volunteers, but we're asking them to be a part of managing a community with an annual budget of $8 million USD and it's the NomCom's job to ensure each candidate has the right mix of business acumen and connection with the community that make them qualified to run for the Board.
  • I'll be fair to all candidates. No bias because I may know someone or passing judgment because I don't agree with how they think PASS should be run.
  • I'll push for changes to the voting process that reduce the possibility of duplicate votes. The current NomCom process works (for the most part) and doesn't require any major overhaul, but having the possibility exist for duplicate votes is a problem that we cannot ignore and need to fix. I understand that it's not a simple effort so understand that any changes will likely take effect in the 2015 elections.
  • I'll be transparent about the NomCom experience - if elected I commit to blogging once every 2 weeks (or more) about NomCom timelines and progress, lessons learned, and what to expect next. Note that some parts of the NomCom process are under NDA so I can't blog about them, but I will be as open as possible.

Ballots should be mailed today and I encourage you to take a minute to review all 11 candidates along with my application and qualifications before casting your vote.

Thanks for your support!


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