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2012 PASS Elections Letter Of Recommendation From Stacia Misner

I'm a candidate in the 2012 PASS Board of Directors elections and believe that an important part of what makes a good candidate is support from the community that they wish to represent. During the last 5 years I have connected with people in PASS community from chapter members to speakers and from SQLSaturday volunteers to Directors. I've been fortunate this year to receive several letters of recommendation in support of my desire to continue serving on the Board. In this post I'm sharing the letter I received from Stacia Misner (Blog | Twitter).

I met Stacia for the first time in person in 2011 at SQLRally in Orlando - which is slightly humorous given that we had both been to the PASS Summit since 2009 but never crossed paths. Stacia has become a trusted friend as we've gotten to know each other better. I value her experience and always look forward to conversing with her about SQL Server and her adventures living in Alaska. Here's what Stacia had to say about me:

I don't remember exactly when I first became aware of Kendal Van Dyke's presence in the SQL Server community, but I do recall that it was on Twitter. His sense of humor and his active involvement with community were the first things that I noticed about him. Those are two qualities that I think are important for anyone seeking a board position at PASS.

Over time, I got to know Kendal in other ways. As a speaker at SQLRally in Orlando, I benefited from his hospitality during a time when he was pulled in multiple directions at once. I observed his graciousness under pressure throughout the event, and appreciated his willingness to participate in after-hours activities when I'm sure he was very tired. I also have been a panel speaker with Kendal, participating in a session at PASS that he moderated. The purpose of that session was to help people learn to blog. It was evident to me from that interaction that Kendal feels strongly, as do I, that we all benefit through shared knowledge. He is encouraging to everyone, even if they feel they have very little to contribute. Again, Kendal's concern for community and passion for helping others stretch their skills was a stand-out quality and his willingness to invest personal time in these efforts is commendable.

Kendal has hands-on experience with many of the activities associated with PASS, which has given him a wealth of insight into the needs of the membership. His roles as a chapter leader, event organizer both small and large, and as a speaker, demonstrate his commitment to serving the community in whatever way he can. Furthermore, he's had the opportunity to serve on the PASS Board in an appointed seat, and has had the opportunity to be involved in initiatives to make things even better. Therefore, he can hit the ground running as an elected Board member. I think our SQL Server community will benefit greatly from Kendal's passion, commitment, and service, and heartily recommend him.

Stacia Misner
Inspiring Intelligence from Information

For those of your who have already cast your vote - thank you for helping to decide who you want to lead PASS forward. And for everyone else yet to fill out their ballot, please take the time to visit the elections website, read about each candidate, and exercise your right to vote. (And of course I hope that you'll consider voting for me!)


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