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Announcing The Association For SQL Server

Recently there have been a number of PASS members who have become unhappy with the direction of the organization and are wishing for something different - something less political, less structured, maybe a bit more people-focused, edgy, and fun. I've thought about how to channel that unhappiness in a way that does good without harming PASS along the way and I've come up with an idea.

Today I'm announcing a new social group for PASS members who want less professional and more fun from it: the Association For SQL Server, or A.S.S.

A.S.S doesn't really have an agenda - after all it's just a social group - except to make the most of when we all get together at SQLSaturday and the Summit. But what we lack in direction we more than make up for in marketing coolness. Here's a couple of ideas I had so far:

  • Get branded apparel. I'm thinking hats for starters, and we wear it to identify that we're part of the cool kids club. Want to know who's in? Just look for the A.S.S hats at any event!
  • If we ever needed to vote on something that required quorum we'll say that we have to do it with at least half A.S.S. effort.
  • We could have our own Women In Technology group - we'll call them Sassy A.S.S., or maybe just sASSy for short.
  • When the board meets to discuss the future of the group we can say they've got their heads in their A.S.S.
  • Members need a sense of humor, and the light hearted ones amongst us will be known to everyone as the A.S.S. clowns.

Sounds great, right? On second thought…

(Happy April Fools' Day!)


Posted by Jason Brimhall on 1 April 2011


Posted by Seth Phelabaum on 2 April 2011

Good Stuff sir

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