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PASS Summit 2010 Abstract Submissions

By Kendal Van Dyke, 2010/06/08

I submitted three abstracts for the 2010 PASS Summit this year - two "normal" (75 minute) and one spotlight (90 minute) session. Spotlight sessions are by invitation only, and although I'm not entirely sure how\why I got an invite I ran with it!

The complete list of abstract submissions is available and as usual the selection committee has a lot to choose from - no easy task to be sure. Jeremiah Peschka (Blog | Twitter), 2010 program committee director, posted a great summary if you're interested in the 50,000 foot view on what's been submitted.

If this year goes like last then I expect the announcement about which abstracts have been selected sometime around the end of summer.

Introduction To Transactional Replication

Description: This introduction to transactional replication is for DBAs with little or no experience with the technology. We’ll look at when and why you may want to use replication, learn about the fundamentals of how it works, walk through setting up a simple replication topology between two servers, and cover the basics of monitoring replication performance.



Transactional Replication: Beyond The Basics (Spotlight Session)

Description: Transactional replication can support synchronizing from as few as a hundred to as many as hundreds of millions or more of changes a day across multiple servers. However, replication is more than clicking your way through wizards; Monitoring and tuning are required to achieve optimal performance and the number of processes involved increase the likelihood that problems can (and usually will) occur. This session is for DBA already familiar with the basics of transactional replication and looking to go beyond the setup wizards to gain a deeper understanding of the technology.  We'll cover monitoring techniques, calibrating performance, and troubleshooting common replication problems plus share some tricks and tips gleaned from years of experience working with high volume, multiple datacenter topologies.



Getting Started In Blogging And Technical Speaking

Description: Are you thinking of starting a blog? Or are you interested in presenting at events like SQL Saturday and the PASS Summit but not sure how to get in the game? Don’t let uncertainty keep you from contributing – the SQL Server community needs you! This interactive session will explore reasons for blogging and speaking and offer advice on topic selection, improving writing and speaking skills, seeking out places to write and speak, and things to (and not to) do to once you get started.


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